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General writing

I Am a Farmer

By Ben Boutin

Grade 6, Williston Central School

I am a farmer. I have a cow named Summit. I won her at a Summit in Derby. I had to write an essay on what I had learned from past Summits. I showed Summit and we got second place out of 25 so I have been working with her and walking her and washing her. I also have eight other cows back at my house. They are really big and they are going to be milkers.

I also have 12 turkeys and 40 chickens. I have been selling eggs like crazy, but my chickens are keeping up with the selling. It takes me forever to do all of my chores.

Some day I am going to have my own farm and milk my own cows.


Safe: Where do you feel comfortable and safe?

My Neighborhood

By Olivia Fransicso 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

My safe place during the day is outside anywhere in my neighborhood, for example, my backyard. In my backyard there is a lot of shade on a hot day. It’s always quiet so I have a place to draw or read. Another place that I feel safe during the day is walking around my neighborhood.



By Leigh Kerbough 

Grade 5, Williston Central School 

I feel comfortable at home, at school and at Cochran’s. I feel safe at Cochran’s because I have my brother and my friends there. A lot of people there make me laugh and I have fun with them. I know all the trails and I know where not to ski. So I am not afraid of getting lost because I know I wont. Also there is a safe lodge. I also know that there is basically nothing to be afraid of.



By Tiferes Simcoe 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

Everybody has a place where they feel safe. For some people it’s their house. But maybe it’s outside like in a tree house or in your backyard. Maybe it’s somewhere like the water. I feel safe in a pool by myself because I feel so free and alive — and so calm.