Young Writers Project: ‘Statue and Button’

Young Writers Project: ‘Statue and Button’

Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit that engages Vermont and New Hampshire students to write, helps them improve and connects them with authentic audiences in newspapers, before live audiences and on websites. YWP is supported by this newspaper and foundations, businesses and individuals who recognize the power and value of writing.

This week, students respond to the prompt: “Statue: You’re walking through a park and a statue starts talking to you” and “Button: Pressing buttons can be irresistible and fun, but this time, something strange happens.”


By Ben Mazza-Bergeron 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

A beautiful day in the park. Trees blossoming, flowers sprouting, all the plants and animals silent – like that stone statue over there. I see a chipmunk run up a tree. I go over to the tree and look up and start to…


What was that? I think. I could have sworn I was in the park alone. I turn around and see nobody. So I go and shimmy around all six trees to see if anyone is there. Nobody. So I go back to climbing up the…

“You’re going to fall.”

I am startled and fall right on my back.

“Told you so.”

Now I am starting to get mad. So I yell, “Who is there?!”

“I am right behind you,” says a voice.

I turn around and see the statue.

“You can talk?” I say.

“Yes,” says the statue.

“What is your name?” I ask.

“My name is Xavier,” he says. “I am here to talk to you.”

“Why? And about what?” I ask.

“I am here to talk to you about your destiny. You are a traveler…”

So Many Buttons

By Olivia Francisco 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

All of the buttons. Every color, shape and size. Anything could happen in the press of one button and there is no one to tell me what to press and what not to press.

It is time for me to press one. There are millions of buttons on the walls ceilings, even floors. No buttons on the chair that I’m sitting on. I am in a little room covered in buttons. Only one opens the door so I can get out. If I’m not careful, I could be ejected into space, or a lion could be dropped from the ceiling.

Good thing my little brother isn’t here. If he were, he would be pressing every single button before you could even say button…

If I do get the right button, how will I get to the door without stepping on more buttons and getting seriously hurt? How did I even get here?

I press a blue triangle on the ceiling. It starts to rain inside. Great, now I’m soaking wet and stuck inside of a tiny room. I don’t like rain. I try to call my mom – no cell service. Maybe one of these buttons could turn on a WiFi hotspot or something. I try to find one to turn on the WiFi but nothing happens. Actually I wouldn’t say nothing, because now there is a creepy clown staring at me. I try to ignore him but it is hard because I am afraid of clowns … I press another button and I hear a voice that sounds like it is coming over an intercom which is weird because there are no speakers.

“Sit down,” the voice says. “You pressed the button that makes me tell you how to get out of here. You got rain and a clown because you don’t like rain and you’re scared of clowns. This machine reads your thoughts. It will only put things in that you don’t like or are scared of. To get out of this you have to pretend to be scared of something that will help you get out of here. You have to pretend to like rain and clowns. That is all I can tell you.” And the voice stops.

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Carlos and the Elevator

By Emma Anderson 

Grade 5, Williston Central School 

I am telling you the story of a time when a little boy about 7 years of age had no problem pushing every single button he saw. He didn’t realize what harm could be done by the push of a button.

Carlos was always moving around the country because his parents worked for the President’s Secret Service. When they were living in Colorado they stayed at a hotel that was so tall and it had so many buttons in the elevator and it was always so tempting to push all of the buttons.

So one day, Carlos did.

He hadn’t meant to, but he just did. All of his temptations swallowed him whole and he just couldn’t resist the feeling.

All of the buttons were pressed and they all glowed a vibrant green. Suddenly the elevator started to shake and the alarms started ringing. Before he knew it he heard fire trucks blaring their sirens. Then, the elevator stopped moving and the alarms stopped.

Carlos heard a ripping sound. He was plummeting through the air towards the cement floor basement where surely he would die from the impact. Then the elevator doors opened and a long furry arm grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him out.

He heard the elevator crash on the floor and then he looked up to see a monkey wearing a fireman’s suit. The monkey suddenly started climbing up all of the wires until they reached the next floor.

Carlos’s mom was there, but she looked like a flamingo in dress pants and a patterned blouse. Then he saw his dad who was wearing his Secret Service uniform but instead of human flesh and a human face he looked like a tiger. All of his friends were a bunch of wild animals.

Then Carlos had an idea! He ran over to the elevator and climbed in the next one. Once the doors closed he pushed all of the buttons, but this time, instead of alarms and monkey firemen, the door opened. And when he got out, his parents would not believe Carlos when they heard his story.

“Fine then,” Carlos said. “You go and push all of the buttons in the elevator.”

And they did.

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By Mary McNamara 

Grade 5, Williston Central School 

One day I was on an airplane and I saw the most beautiful button ever! I ran back to my sister and pulled her to the button; she was amazed too.

I told her to run back and get me a drink. I didn’t tell her I was going to push that button.

I pushed the button and a wave of wind went through me. I didn’t think anything had happened so I walked back to our seats and I saw my sister getting me a drink. I walked up to her to say thank you but she just walked towards the button, right through me.

I was so confused, I followed her to the button. She didn’t see anything so she also decided to push that button. She had a whoosh of wind go through her and then she disappeared.

I now knew what had happened to me: I had disappeared and so had my sister. I was trying to think fast. How could I get out of this mess that I caused? I kept thinking and thinking and bam! it came to me.

If pressing the button made me disappear, then it would probably make me reappear. I walked towards the button and pressed it. A woosh of wind went through me. I walked toward the seat and saw my mom – and she saw me! I was so happy.

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