Young Writers Project: gift and general writing

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This week, students submitted general writing pieces and responses to the prompt “Gift: Have you received something that you cherish more than anything?”


My Gift

By Varsha Karthikeyan 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

Have I ever received anything that I cherish more than anything? Yes! My little brother. My brother was the best thing that ever happened to me. It all started when I was quite little.

My mom walked into the living room and whispered in my ear, “Varsha, you are going to have a baby brother!” I looked a bit startled right then, but on the inside I felt like I was flying. I started thinking about how he was going to be. I imagined him with small little eyes and an itty-bitty mouth. I just couldn’t wait. I got more excited every day as I knew it was almost time for his birth.

There he was, sleeping in a little cradle. His cheeks were soft as marshmallows and as fluffy as cotton candy. He reminded me of a little puppy. I leaned forward and gave him a kiss on his rosy cheeks. His eyes glimmered in the light.

I asked my mom, “What is his name?” She said, “Mithun!” I mean, I should have known. It is, after all, a name of a famous Indian movie star. I stared at my brother and I whispered, “Mithun? That’s the perfect name for you. Just so you know, I always wanted a little brother!” I chuckled a little. I am very glad I have a little brother. He was the best gift that I have ever received. I will cherish him for the rest of my life!


The Forest Watcher

By Olivia Cabral 

Grade 5, Williston Central School 

In the forest, behind my neighborhood, there is this creature—a creature only some people have seen, and it’s called the Forest Watcher.

She watches over the forests, keeping them safe from harm. She has straight long brown hair with the most beautiful tulips and posies growing in there. She has pale green skin and dark green eyes.

If you are walking in a forest and something dashes past you, she is right behind you, but you just can’t see her. If you see something like a little girl in a tree up above you, then look again, you are staring right at her.

The Forest Watcher is a very mysterious creature. I’ve seen her once, but if you look hard enough, you’ll see her too.

The Apple Tree Myth

By Riley Brown

Grade 5, Williston Central School 

They say that in Adams Apple Orchard in Williston, Vermont there is an apple tree monster. They say at night, five trees and the light of the moon create a man, made out of twisted trees nine feet tall.

He goes around pulling trees right out of the ground. What he does with those trees is plant them right in the front yard.

And if you see him and he notices you noticing him, he throws an apple at your head—not just any apple. It turns you into an apple tree, though it takes two days.

So if this monster comes to your house, stay inside!



Shadow face

By Erin Bundock

Grade 10, Champlain Valley Union High School

I see in shapes

of orange and blue

and they fall down my face

in violent hues

that leak to my limbs

through frail fingers and


and in to my heart

where I store all my