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The Waves

By Maddie Huber

Grade 7, Williston Central School

The ocean is where I feel at home, I love the crashing, rising, and eventually falling waves. I know on really windy days I cannot let the current sink me, I will not fall into its game. It’s a trick of the mind, the ocean can’t control me, I’m strong.

I walk across the sand and I look out onto the water. It stretches out for what seems like a million miles. On a surfboard, I feel unstoppable, that is, when I’m actually on it! I watch and I play a trick on the ocean, I steal one of its waves and ride it to the beach. I love the ocean, I know that one day I will be able to conquer the tide, and on that day, I will be at peace with the waves.


Waiting for Spring

By Olivia Pintair

Grade 7, Lake Champlain Waldorf School
Hometown: Williston

The sun is coming, my love.

It’s on its way. Any day now.

So we must prepare now, darling, for when the light dawns on our worn limbs.

We have wilted, but if the world tilts just a little, we will start to make breath for the beings.

It will be bright, my love.

Do you remember how bright it used to be?

How warm it will seem when we thaw.

How beautiful this world will be when we can see again.

So stay with me, love. For we are rooted here until the light comes back.

Don’t leave just yet, for the shadows seem warmer when you are with me.

Imagine how it will disappear, this beastly thing called the dark.

It will leave us to make way for the brilliance that is to come.

You can trust me, my love, for trust is the meaning of our existence.

We feed the lungs of those who walk,

for those who walk need our strength.

And when the sun comes back to us, we will lift our faces for her

as she gives up her power for all the little ones.

And when the sun has given all she has to give,

we will wait once more,

for she will come again.


The Sky Laughs and Cries

By Avery McLean

Grade 7, Lake Champlain Waldorf School
Hometown: St. George

She loved the way you

Always laughed with her

At secrets that only

Believers can see.

Because you taught her that

Pretending is

Different than believing.

That sometimes imagining is

Knowing, not just


You taught her that reading the

Lyrics off the Sun is humbling.

But most of all, she learned from you

That the

Sky does cry, but it also


And that’s alright,

You said.

That’s the way it is in this

Less than perfect world.

Because rain mixed with the Sun,

Tears mixed with laughter,

After that always comes a



Nothing to Lose

By Olivia Kinsel

Grade 6, Williston Central School

I float down, buried with the past, nothing to lose. I see the world disappear without me there to see. There’s nothing to know now, realizing now, there’s no limit, the sky may stop someone, but the moon is past the sky. Surely not knowing where I was, I let loose, I slowly fell, bouncing back off the ground, my arms flailing out, no longer seeing the real reason for why I did that.

I got up once more, letting the ship carry me back. Back to the place where I belong, back to the place I know, the only place I know. Everything I knew started to swirl in my brain, and soon enough the daze I was used to completed itself, the puzzle pieces all fit into place, and everything came back to me. I was walking down a dirt path, holding her hand close to me, feeling her red nails cut into my deep calloused skin. Filled with hatred, I pulled my hand out from under her clutch, and ran, I ran until I could no longer feel my feet. My heart pounding, like a herd of elephants, I pulled the collar of my shirt up, and buttoned the top button, closing my noisy heart in, as if someone could hear my heart pounding from miles away. And that was it, here I am to this day. And that’s when my eyes slowly closed, feeling the disease overcome me. One tear slowly slithered down my cheek, tasting the saltiness of it, come in, and out, slowly disappearing with the world, buried with the past, my soul floating down, with nothing to lose. I am the one that held on for you, for I am the faith inside you.


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