Women We Admire

My Mom

By Marina Schmidt

Grade 7

Who is a woman you admire and why?

The one woman that I admire is my mom. A mother of five. She wasn’t always there for me when I needed her, but she has tried her hardest in life. She was a beautiful woman. Long dreads, blue eyes, great smile. A sweet and loving person. Sadly a few years ago it was her time to go. I wish that it had never happened. I remember when I was younger I used to say that I hated her, and she’d say “hate is a very strong word.” Now I regret saying all of it. I remember when we’d take walks together in the woods. We’d talk for hours and hours. Now I don’t get to do that again. I really wish that she were still alive, but we can’t change the past.

Hope Solo

By Kiara Poitras

Grade 7

I admire Hope Solo because she is the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team goalie. She is such a good goalie. I look up to her because I am a soccer goalie also. She is also really pretty. I have looked up to her since I was little because she has so much talent. I will still love her when she retires because I like her all around. I think she has done so many good things in her life. She has completed things that some people can’t dream of doing. I want to meet her one day because she is my favorite person in the whole world and such an amazing goalie. She has been my inspiration since I started playing soccer. When she is in goal it’s like she can save any ball that comes her way. She is like a superhero to me. Hope Solo is the woman I admire.

My Mother

By Danny Watson

Grade 8

I admire my mother. She has been a part of my life for my whole life. She goes to all of my sports games and she cheers me on. When I’m sad or mad, she always makes me happy. She is an amazing cook and I love it when she makes me cookies because they are the best. She recognizes that I am allergic to gluten so she always makes me gluten free foods. She will play card games and sports games with me too. Also even when she may be sad she never takes her beautiful smile off her face. She takes me to Boston Red Sox and Celtics games even when they are a little bit on the expensive side. Before I go to bed every night, she says goodnight and I love you. That may not seem a lot, but when she says that, she means that I am a huge part of her life and that she cares so much about me. I love her so much I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

A Strong Woman

By Chloe Avery

Grade 3

Makaela Shiffrin is a ski racer. She is also my favorite athlete of all time. Makaela is in the Olympics and she is only 18 years old. She skis slalom in the world cup and in the Olympics. Here are some reasons why she is my favorite athlete of all time.

First, she is super duper brave. She skis extremely steep courses all the time. For example she will ski super star at Killington, VT next season for the world cup.

Second, she is fast and smooth. For example she wins gold all the time and she has perfect technique. She is strong and she trains almost every day. In the summer she does dry land training or goes to a place where there is skiing.

Makaela goes to Burke Mountain Academy. I’ve always wanted to go to Burke. As you can see Makaela Shiffrin is my favorite athlete of all time. She is my hero

Role Model Mom

By Isabella Serafini

Grade 7

A woman I admire is my mother. I admire her because she is a hard worker and she is a great person. She has three daughters and my father lives in New York and I know that must be hard for her but she manages to make it work. She has a very stressful job and it puts a lot of strain on the time that we have together, but all the times we do have together are very memorable because she is such an amazing person to be around. She not only provides for us, she is always there for us. My mother is my role model and I adore her. I hope that I can be as productive, hard working, and loving when I’m her age.

Audrey Hepburn

By Celia Cote

Grade 7

A woman I admire is Audrey Hepburn. Many think of her as just a pretty actress, but in reality, she was one of the most amazing women I have ever heard about. In addition to being an actress, Hepburn was a humanitarian who was a huge advocate for being kind, peaceful, and fair. Especially later in her life, she did a lot of work for UNICEF, helping underprivileged people in some of the poorest countries in the world. At a young age, she was the child of a Nazi sympathizer, but did ballet performances to raise money for the Dutch resistance. All of these things make me feel so inspired by her because she was able to have an astoundingly good career as an actress, yet still be this amazing person.

My Grandmother

By Benedicte Yodishembo

Grade 7

A woman I admire very much is my grandmother. She is one of the best people I know,

She’s supportive, kind, understanding. She’s a hard worker and stands up for what she believes in. She has 9 kids and more than 15 grandchildren and somehow she manages to be there for everyone. She notices the little things and she always makes me laugh.