Women I admire

By Kyla Griffin, Kindergarten
By Kyla Griffin, Kindergarten

My Moms

By Lily Devereux

Grade 7

I admire my moms (Tamara and Season) the most because they inspire me to accomplish my goals, even when it seems impossible. They have continued to be amazing role models for me and my brothers to this day.

Tamara had a rough childhood and early adult life, but she managed to break free from that and get where she wanted. At thirty five, she had triplets with the love of her life, Season. Soon after she got two masters degrees in Management, New Media, and Global Education. After Tamara got in a car accident in 2011, she got a whole new career as an Instructional Developer. The car accident was hard on her and the entire family. She could no longer do many of the things that she loved. Doctors told her there was no way to fix her injury, but Tamara refused to accept that. After waiting many years she has finally found a way to fix her injury, physical therapy.

My second mom Season, had to take care of three new siblings at the age of eleven due to her parent’s divorce. Years later, she worked at the newspapers where major responsibility for infographics, and for helping other artists learn the new technology that they brought there. Season also designed two logos for famous actress Jennifer Beals, and went to Singer and Guitarist Jerry Garcia’s house to help archive his artwork. After my brothers and I were born, she kindly gave up her career to stay home with us, while working a part time job as an Instructional Designer.

For those reasons, these are the two women I admire most.

My Mom

By Zoe Voth

Grade 6

This is a story about my mom. She is my favorite person in the whole wide world. She helps me when I’m hurt. She helps me when I’m worried. But most of all she helps me when I’m at my hardest. And she knows I love her so so much.

My Mom

By Shelby Hallock

Grade 8

Her hair like sunshine

Her eyes like the ocean

Her smile could light up a dark room

Her heart was strong

She helped people in need

Everyone first her last

The bound between mother and daughter

Stronger than any storm

A never ending love

That can’t be broken

By death itself

My mom

My Mom

By James Wilson

Grade 7

The woman I admire is my mom. She is so lively and happy. She has made me so happy and especially in the hard times. When my family was splitting apart she would tell me it would be ok. She alway stayed positive, and she would make me feel like I wasn’t a kid with her parents splitting apart. She made me feel like the luckiest kid alive. When this was happening she would always have a smile on her face. She is alway happy and do everything to make me safe and happy. Also my mom and I had little things we do together. For example, we would go to the Shelburne Museum if I felt sad. What I’m saying is I love my mom.


By Sabina Brochu

Grade 7

I admire Malala. She is a courageous, intelligent, and strong women. Malala had the courage to stand up for what she believed in. Even after being shot, she still had the courage to keep fighting. Malala is smart because she put together a campaign to fight for women’s education. Malala is strong and was able to survive being shot in the head.

My Mother

By Layla Beverly

Grade 7

A woman I admire is my mother. I have so many reasons to admire my mother, I could write a whole book. For the sake of time I’ll just tell you a few. One reason I admire my mother is because she is strong. Even after a rough upcoming and becoming a mother at a very young age she has managed to raise five amazing children successfully. She always puts her problems aside and takes care of us first. Another reason I admire my mom is because she is a hard worker. My mom has worked hard for our family and for the things she wants her whole life. At one point she was working two or three jobs to make ends meet and all that hard work payed off because now she is an amazing, loving, and successful woman and mother. One last reason I admire my mother is because she gives me so many great opportunities. One goal my mom has had for a long time is to be an entrepreneur. Now she has started her business and included me in it. I’ve worked with her now for a month and I’ve learned so much! My mom has inspired me to start my own business and she has helped me to get it started. Those are a couple reasons I admire my mom and I hope one day I can become a woman as amazing and inspiring as her.

Ms. Mili

By Sean Trifaro

Grade 7

A woman I admire Ms. Mili, she is a para educator on our team. I admire her because she cares about all of the students. Even though it is not her responsibility to help all of us; if you need help she will help you. She is so kind if you are doing something you should not, she will remind you instead of getting you in trouble. She goes out of her way to make classes fun. Sometimes she will bring in treats for all of the students on our team. Ms. Mili is a spectacular person.


By Katherine Veronneau

Grade 8

There is a woman in my life that I know I can count on with anything. Other than being affable, funny, fearless, and cheerful, she is always there for me; on the worst days and the best days. No matter what, she always puts my needs before hers and is patient with me if I do something wrong. There is no other woman as great as her. This woman is my mom.

Her day starts before I even wake up and ends after I go to sleep. She works hard and is a great role model for anyone who is lucky enough to know her. Day in and day out my mom makes sure I am healthy and happy. She pushes me to be my best and has made me who I am today. Someday I will be satisfied if I can even compare or come close to how loving, kind, and talented my mom is.

My Mom

By Riley Brown

Grade 8

A women I admire is my mom because she has always always been there for me. My mom is one of the most caring nice people I know that always tries her best to care for me and all my brothers which is quite a big task. I admire my mom for a lot of things she does and she’s a genius at math and I’m just so proud to have her as my mom. Every day she has to change her schedule to drive me and my brothers places pick us up from school and she still finds time to train for her upcoming run in the Burlington City Marathon. I’m not sure how she does it everyday with all of us. My mom is a very strong woman who is a loving great mother her and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone.