‘Winter Tales’ prompts 7th-grader’s poem

Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit that engages Vermont and New Hampshire students to write, helps them improve and connects them with authentic audiences in newspapers, before live audiences and on web sites including and

The most recent writing challenge was “Winter Tales,” and winning entries were performed by the Vermont Stage Company at FlynnSpace Dec. 7 to 11.

Remy Schulz, of Williston, won the local challenge, and the piece was performed Dec. 11.

Snow Balls

By Remy Schulz
Hometown: Williston

Grade 7, Vermont Commons School

The snowflakes fell gently to the ground.
The moon illuminated the snowy white fields
as the paw-shaped imprints in the snow
showed me where to look.
Then I saw the ball of snow rolling down the
It popped up and ran back up the hill,
over and over until the eerie sound of
coyotes’ screams was heard over the
cold winter wind.
The snowy ball finished its roll and sprinted
back up the hill,
its paws slipping on the icy driveway as it

sprinted for the door,
the motion sensor flicking on the light
temporarily blinding me.
I heard nails clack on the wood porch and
I opened the door.
An icy blast hit me as the wind whipped over
my face.
Then the ball sprawled out on the tile floor

releasing snow everywhere.
It melted almost as quickly as it appeared –

transforming into the dog I know so well.

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