Aug. 21, 2008

The following bus routes have changed. Changes are in bold. Classes start on Wednesday, Aug. 27 for students in kindergarten through grade nine.

(A) 7 a.m.

Connie Hoyt

Rocky Ridge Dev., St. George Villa, 2A to Lincoln Road, Chaloux Lane, Butternut, (7:30 a.m.) Sunset Hill, McJay and Lyman (7:50 arrival at ABS) *

(D) 7:10 a.m.

Rena Pickering

2A from Butternut to Walker Hill and Blackberry Ridge, EJ's, Blair Park, Chelsea Commons, Meadow Run , Essex Road, Gallop Hill (7:30 a.m. Morgan Parkway/Stirrup Circle), Bashaw Daycare, Eastview Circle, James Brown Drive (Children Unlimited), Shirley Circle, Twitchell Court, River Cove, Savage Court, Terry Lane (alters route at the end of the day)

(E) 7:15 a.m.

Kevin Schwenn

Right side of Williston Road from Taft Corners to North Brownell Road, Lamplite Acres, Industrial Avenue (7:25 a.m.), Oneida Acres (Sharon Drive, Lea Drive, Pamela Court, Gail Terrace), (7:30 a.m.) Hickory Hill Road, Country Lane, Stony Brook (7:35 a.m.), Pinecrest Circle, Hideaway Lane, O'Brien Court (7:40 a.m.), Taft Farms (Indian Ridge/Chamberlin Road) (7:50 a.m.)

At the end of the day, starts with Taft Farms, then the rest of the route from the beginning.

(F) 7:10 a.m.

Bob Quackenbush

North Williston Road: Chapman Lane (7:15 a.m.), Fay Lane, Governor Chittenden Road (7:25 a.m.), Spruce Lane, Golf Links (7:30 a.m.), Lefebvre Lane, Federated Church Daycare (7:45 a.m.) *

(G) 7:10 a.m.

Bob Hedges

Starting at Hinesburg Line to South Road (Willow Brook Lane, Martell Lane), Applewood Lane, Christmas Lane. (7:25 a.m.) East Hill Road, Sherwood Forest Road, Meadowridge (7:35 a.m.), Williston Road: east of school to Conants Farm, turning around, Sunrise Drive. (7:45 p.m.), French Hill Manor, Lambert Lane *

(K) 7:15 a.m.

Barb Tourangeau

Oak Hill Road between Isham Farm and Butternut , 2A between Walker Hill and interstate, Hillside, Fawn, Sundown, Horseshoe, Kinderstart *

Buses stop at both Allen Brook School (by 7:55 a.m.) and Williston Central School (by 8:10 a.m.). They will begin their afternoon routes about 3 p.m.

* Indicates the driver reverses or alters the route at the end of the day (last road listed may be the first drop off). For bussing questions, e-mail Transportation@wsdvt.org. Include your child's name and grade.