Who is your hero?

Kermit the frog
By Elliot Clow
Grade 4
My hero is Kermit the frog because his songs inspire me. His songs encourage me to try again and again. His songs also give me ideas for something to build with my Legos.

My Mom
By Skyler Gade
Grade 3
My mom
She inspires me from wrong and right,
mean and nice,
rich and poor,
funny and smart
and that is why my mom is
my hero.

My Dad
Will Bialowoz
Grade 6
My hero is my Dad.
He does so many cool things
Here is a list of a few awesome things he does;
Dirt biking
Go Karting
Scuba Diving
I always think of him as awesome no matter what.
He is kind, Thankful, funny, and awesome.
My hero.
-Thanks Dad.

Missy Franklin
By Lauren Parent
Grade 4
She is an Olympic swimmer.She won some medals in London. I am inspired by her to do what I love. She inspires me to work as hard as I can and never give up. That is why Missy Franklin is my hero.

My Meme
Trenton Poitras
Grade 7
My hero is my Meme. She is deaf, when I think things are too hard I remember her. She had learned sign language and lived a happy life. When my sister and I fight, she signs “Stop” for me. That is how she inspires me.

Kermit the frog
Emma Anderson
Grade 4
My hero is Kermit the frog because he is funny and he is always caring to whoever is in need he is always sophisticated when its needed. That’s why I love Kermit the frog.

My brother
Noah LeCours
Grade 4
My hero is my brother.

Sabina Brochu
Grade 4
Obama because he is the best president I can think of.

My Dad
Elijah Holmberg
Grade 7
My person that inspires me is my dad. He is an awesome dad to me and my siblings. He cooks, he does laundry and he goes to all my after school events. He is always there for me when I need it and is willing to do what he doesn’t want to so someone else can do what he wants. He is the best dad in the world!

Alexa Butler
Mary McNamara
Grade 4
My hero is my friend Alexa Butler because if someone makes me mad she makes me feel better, and because she is so nice and makes me laugh a lot.

Kevin Durant
Noah Martin
Grade 7
My hero is Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is my hero because he is always second in everything. For example he came in second in the NBA’s MVP award. He came in second to Lebron James. He is inspirational because he never gives up. He is going to keep trying to be the best until he is the best and when he is the best he will work on his game like he still is the second best.

Kayla Jerome
Grade 7
My hero is Talia. She died of cancer but I am inspired by her because after she was diagnosed with cancer she went to her mom’s friend’s house who was a cancer survivor also and she took out her make-up kit and showed Talia everything. Then Talia got interested in make-up and made a YouTube channel to give people tips on make-up and she was sad that she got diagnosed with cancer but was one of happiest cancer patients that I have ever seen or heard of. She proved that even if you are diagnosed with cancer that you can still be a normal human like the rest of the people on this world!

Kieran Tharpe
Grade 6
My hero is Pele. He is my hero because he started as a poor kid living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was a boy who loved soccer and who became the greatest soccer player of all time. His story is very inspiring, His life message says that if you work hard enough you can do anything you want to do.

Dr. Ben Carson
Maddy Serafini
Grade 7
My hero is Dr. Ben Carson. He is a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon. He inspires me because he helps children when they have spinal cord tumors, epilepsy, and many other medical problems. He inspires me because he shows you that it is possible to succeed and to fulfill your dreams.

Rosa Parks
Makayla Driscoll
Grade 7
My hero is Rosa Parks because she stood up to someone much more powerful than she and I think I’m like her because I don’t let people push me around because they might be bigger than me. I think having respect for others is important, but so is others showing you the same amount.

Taylor Swift
Angela Tarracciano
Grade 7
My hero and inspiration is Taylor Swift, because she goes through so much and gets judged more than any other celebrity. I don’t get why people hate on her so much! Try being her for a day. See what she goes through. She’s so strong emotionally, and a great singer.

Lionel Messi
Caleb Martin
Grade 7
My hero is Lionel Messi because his dream as a little kid was to be the starting striker for FC Barcelona. He followed his dreams and worked very hard and completed his goal. The odds were against him, but he didn’t listen to the people who doubted him, he tried any. He put in the work and beat the odds and completed his goal.

Michael Jordan
Nicole Eaton
Grade 7
Michael Jordan is my hero because he taught people to never give up and always make mistakes into miracles. His quote “you only succeed if you fail” makes me want to push myself to try harder and learn from my mistakes. He has changed my perspective on how to make myself into a better basketball player and person.