Whitney Hill renovations to temporarily displace seniors

 Volunteers sought to help residents with the move


Observer staff

Whitney Hill Homestead, a senior living facility off Williston Road, will undergo extensive renovations this year requiring the temporary relocation of residents. Starting in April, groups of residents, some of whom are over 100 years old, will be relocated to local motel rooms for up to six weeks while their units are upgraded. The upgrades will happen in phases and continue into early next year. 

Beth Alpert, Whitney Hill’s SASH (Support And Services at Home) coordinator, said residents are very excited at the prospect of improvements in the building, including new appliances, sprinkler systems and siding. However, she also said that there is some anxiety about the move. Many residents find the prospect of packing up their lives daunting. 

To help residents feel less overwhelmed, Alpert is looking for volunteers to help residents pack and move their belongings out, then back into, their apartments. Volunteers will be needed through the beginning of next year. Contact Alpert at to sign up to help. 

Whitney Hill is nearly 30 years old, and the upgrades will increase safety and energy efficiency, said Cindy Reid, director of housing development for Cathedral Square, the non-profit owner of the building. 

Plans for the renovation have been in the works for over a year, but the process was complicated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it harder for contractors to conduct onsite inspections. For much of the planning process, it was unclear when a vaccine would be created or available to the public. With the availability of the new vaccines, Reid said that residents will be fully vaccinated before they begin their move.