What kids wish adults knew

By Amelia Gibbs, Grade 1

School is tough

Vincent Meyers

Grade 5

I wish adults knew that life in school can be tough. Life in school is tough for me especially because I always want to be the best at everything. However, I know I can’t be the best at everything. Wanting to be the best makes me over-work often. Over working creates stress in my life. Plus, when I over work I don’t really enjoy the work I’m doing. Not only that, but the more work I do the less I enjoy life, and the point of life is to enjoy it. Also, I’m so competitive that I want other people not to succeed, so that then I can be the best. This makes me unkind because I’m not supporting my friends and peers, but rather discouraging them. It’s good that I have a competitive spirit but sometimes I have too much competitive spirit. Because of my extremely competitive spirit there are some kids that don’t like me. I also get extremely disappointed when I don’t win. These are all negative effects of being very competitive. I wish adults knew that being too competitive can have some bad impact on kids like me. I wish there were a way that I could still be competitive, but not too competitive.

How hard school actually is

Sophia Lawlor

Grade 6

I wish adults knew how hard school actually is. I come home from school and I have chores that I need to do. I also have homework that I need to get done. Like yesterday I had to vacuum upstairs before I could go on electronics. That includes the computer where most of my homework is. When I talk to my friends they also are talking to me about homework because we want to hangout with each other after school because we can’t. My brother will ask me to play a game with him or go outside but I can’t because school work takes 3-4 hours to finish. We have 7 hours of school. Honestly I would rather not go to recess and just have more class time. If we had more class time then there would be less homework which means more free time to play outside and with your friends. I feel like when I get home I don’t want to do homework because I am already very stressed out from school. I am very stressed from the homework that is assigned because I also know that I have after school chores. My parents always tell me that they had to do everything on paper. In my opinion that is easier because I love writing on paper instead of computers. The reason is you don’t have to be connected to the internet and a bunch of other things that you need before you can use a Chromebook. I wish that we had more homework on paper. It is also easier for a lot of kids to do it because not everyone has a computer to use at home. I mean it is easier to read stuff on a computer for the kids that have messy handwriting. So I see both sides of the story but I would rather do more stuff on paper.

What it feels like to be a kid

By Jackson Kelley

Grade 3

I wish adults knew what it feels like to be a kid. If they do know what it is like to be a kid then they would let kids do whatever they want that is not violent and kids would be happy because they are having so much fun. It would make it so much easier for adults because if they let kids do what they want to do, the kids won’t have to interrupt them. Adults would be on task when they are making a phone call, doing work and making things. Then everything they do will be so much easier for them.

If kids want to climb a tree let them climb a tree because they are still learning and the way they learn. When they climb the trees they are learning nature when they are up there.

Don’t send sick kids to school

By Hailey Corron

Grade 3

Today I am going to tell you about why adults shouldn’t have kids go to school when they are sick. You’re going to hear this in many different ways. This is not good for our government.

The first reason, they get other kids sick and adults sick, too. They spread germs. More kids do not feel good. They don’t want to go to school because they don’t feel good at all.

The second reason is, more kids don’t go to school because they get sick also. Also kids need to learn at school. The nurse gets busy because kids don’t feel good they have a fever or their throat hurts or other things.

The third reason is kids can’t play when they are sick with their friends. It is no fun. Me and others people don’t like to get sick either. I talked to a few people about this, they thought the same. It is not good to get sick, you miss your friends at school and they miss you too because they have not seen you in forever.

Not to insult our century

Lucy Dysinger

Grade 5

I wish that adults knew not to insult our century. The way some adults insult new technology and everything else that ever happened in the 21st century is crazy.

I think that the reason they do this is because they are overwhelmed with everything new. I would like to think that if I would insult the adults’ generation they would feel the same. I think that because of the huge difference in technology it is definitely hard to get used to.

The big difference is maturity. Meaning that the new generation has much more responsibility with technology than ever. I had a phone when I was very young and I pretty much grew up with a phone so I am not addicted to my phone like most people are. Maybe people didn’t have as much responsibility as me so they did not get a phone as young as I did. Even if this were the case that is not an excuse to insult the 21st century Maybe adults could understand more. They could do their research about everything that is happening then they could understand everything more. I hope that retiring the phrase, “Back in my day” can happen.