What does it mean to be a good friend?


Kayla Barnes

Grade 7

To me, being a good friend means being loyal. Also, being kind makes up a good friend. Sticking with them no matter what is very important to me. Another thing is not being controlling and constantly telling them what to do. One other thing that makes up a good friend is not judging them. Being a good friend means if someone is making fun of someone behind their backs, don’t laugh with them, stick up for them. Another thing that makes up a good friend for me is trust. Honesty is another thing that makes up a good friend. A good friend does not talk trash about them behind their backs. Lastly, a good friend keeps their word.

Friendship check list

By Ryder Bailey

Grade 3

To be a good friend means…

It means helping each other.

It means understanding people.

It means including other people.

It means not bossing people around.

It means being s.m.a.r.t.

It means being kind and not being rude.

It means being supportive.

Empathy & loyalty

Julia Pecor

Grade 6

Being a good friend means a lot of things. If you are a good friend you are loyal. If you are a loyal friend you won’t ditch your friends or talk about them behind their back. Being a good friend also means being empathetic. If your friend is having a hard time with math and you also used to struggle with it you can show empathy just by telling them about when you had a hard time with it to cheer them up. Being a good friend also means being kind. For some people being kind isn’t always easy. But the best kind of a good friend is the one that is naturally kind. The one who always is ready to do anything to cheer you up, make you laugh, and always be optimistic. Out of all the ways of being a good friend being kind is the one nobody should forget and always remember.

Other thoughts on friendship

What does it mean to be a good friend? It means to ask, “Are you okay?” if he or she is hurt. I love helping people.

Colton Fielder, Grade 1

It means to help somebody if they’re sad or hurt. Then they will probably feel better.

Quinn D’Amato, Grade 1

I think to be a good friend you have to help someone. If someone falls you help them. If someone is sad about anything you should help them.

Ella McCuin, Grade

Being a good friend means helping someone.

Yianni Souliotis, Grade 2

Being a good friend means playing with them.

Skyler Doherty, Grade 1

Being a good friend means being nice and kind.

Quinn Jacobs, Grade 1

Being a good friend means cheering someone up and making someone laugh.

Alex Carr, Grade 2

When someone wants to play a game with you and you both want to go first, you can do rock, paper, scissors and take turns.

Sirrah Harris, Kindergarten

No matter how someone looks or if they aren’t your close friend you still need to be kind.

Clara J, Kindergarten

Playing with others

Sarka Teplitz, Kindergarten

If someone wants a toy and they ask, they can take turns. Don’t pull toys out of peoples’ hands

Clara Albrecht, Kindergarten

Sharing. If you want to be nice to someone, you should say ‘yeah you can play with me’

Griffin Cieri, Kindergarten

Being responsible.

George Clauss, Kindergarten

If someone wants something that you have you should give it to them

Eva Tiron, Kindergarten

If someone says can I play with you, you don’t say no, you say sure.

Parker Gill, Kindergarten

Don’t hit, just be kind to everyone. Don’t be mean.

Cooper Pogact, Kindergarten

If someone wants to play, you can play with them.

Sebby Wayman, Kindergarten

Don’t say no if they ask you if you want to play because they might then think that you don’t like them.

Maddie Biunno, Kindergarten

Be kind.

Alem Pilausic, Kindergarten

Don’t say no to people and don’t hit people when they are doing something mean to you, just tell the teacher.

Sully Campbell, Kindergarten

“Not hitting”

Ty Ruid, Kindergarten

“Use your words instead of hitting”

Carson Hearn, Kindergarten

To be a good friend you have to be kind and caring. And you have to cheer them up when they are sad. And be nice to them and keep them happy. You especially have to keep a promise. That’s how you be a good friend!

Nate Hillmuth, Grade 2

A good friend helps them when they need it. They are kind, safe and responsible to him or her. Do favors for each other. Play with him or her. Notice when someone is down. Ask if they want to play with you. And that’s what it means to be a good friend.

Harrison Whitmore, Grade 2

Being a good friend is sticking by their side and always being kind and never getting mad at them. Spending time with them and sitting next to them at lunch. Playing with them at recess. That is what a good friend is.

Eleanor Brady, Grade 1

It means to be kind, be nice and help each other out. When they’re sad try to cheer them up. When they’re lost help them find the way on the first day of school. If they are shy try to make them not shy. If you see someone bullying or making fun of them, stand up for them. That’s what it means to be a good friend.

Grace DaSilva, Grade 1

Do you know about friendship? If you don’t, you should read this. To be a good friend you should be kind to each other. To be a good friend you should be thoughtful to one another. To be a good friend you should share your toys with your friend. Thanks for reading this.

Maya Bate, Grade 1

Be really nice. Express your feelings to each other.

Noah Boutin, Grade2

To be nice, and if someone is being mean to your friend you stand up to them. You comfort your friend when they are sad. Don’t be mean to them and tell them you don’t like them and they are mean.

Addie Thomas, Grade 1

Being kind and safe with each other.

Ollie Healy, Grade 1

It is all about having fun and being nice to people. I like doing it so I have more people to play with, and all of us can have fun.

Emma Polly, Grade 1

Being nice.

Boeden Christiansen, Grade 1

Being nice and kind.

Dyanna Farlow, Grade 2