Watershed plan in development for Lake Iroquois

Two women and a child plant shrubs near the Lake Iroquois shoreline in 2021

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) has been awarded Lake Champlain Basin Program funds to develop a Watershed Action Plan for Lake Iroquois and the Patrick Brook watershed. The district has partnered with the Lake Iroquois Association and Lewis Creek Association to remediate stormwater runoff and phosphorus pollution to improve water quality, wildlife habitat and climate change resilience.

“This project is a really exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with watershed partners and the public to identify and address a number of the water quality concerns in Lake Iroquois and the Patrick Brook watershed,” said WNRCD District Manager Remy Crettol. “A big priority of ours is to get the public involved (and) inspire residents to consider stormwater assessments on their own properties.”

Lake Iroquois has seen a rise in seasonal camp conversions to year-round use and neighborhood expansion, increasing stormwater, sediment and phosphorus runoff. The watershed lacks any comprehensive analysis of water quality and habitat stressors.

In completing this project, watershed residents will have increased knowledge of their impacts on water and habitat quality. Communities will have improved planning tools and a holistic road map with clearly prioritized projects as a guidepost for design and implementation. Regional partners can then target limited funds toward high priority projects that benefit the watershed and improve habitat.

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