Warren Falls

By Maddie Morris

Grade 3

My favorite thing to do with my family is to go to Warren Falls. At Warren Falls we like to jump off cliffs. One issue is that sometimes someone thinks it ok to jump when someone is still down there so you have to be careful. About yourself and others like there are some huge rocks that you could definitely fall off into a huge log or on the other side fall off the rock.

My whole family likes to go to Warren Falls. My Mom likes to go because she can read her books and watch us jump off cliffs. My dad likes to go because he likes jumping off the huge rocks. My brother and sister like to go because they can jump off big cliffs with my dad and go on the natural water slide ( I’m to much of a chicken to go on the natural water slide). I like to go because I can jump off of the smaller cliffs, climb on rocks and go on the smaller water slide. We go there every summer at least once it’s a blast! I love going to Warren Falls!