Vt. House passes ‘fee bill’ 

By Anne Galloway

Vermont Digger

The House passed what is known as the fee bill earlier this month, but not without a few changes to the legislation, which raises $2.8 million in additional monies from professionals, developers, waste haulers, bakers and restaurateurs.

Lawmakers reduced fees for waste hauling companies slightly, and cut additional fees for restaurants by $100,000. The amendment was pitched by Rep. Laura Sibilia, an independent newbie from the Windham-Bennington district.

Sibilia took her proposal to the House Ways and Means Committee before the final floor vote on the bill. The amendment was initially deemed “unfriendly” in a 5-5 vote by the committee, but with a little negotiation, spearheaded by several Republicans who agreed to support the fee bill as long as the fees were lowered, the amendment passed 10-0.

Ultimately, the bill passed on the floor in a voice vote.

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