Voting by mail has begun

Town installs ballot drop box at Town Hall

By Sarah Mason

Williston Town Clerk

The Secretary of State’s office is mailing General Election ballots to all active registered voters for the Nov. 3 election. Keep your eyes out for your ballot. If you are new to Williston and registered after Sept. 2, a ballot will come to you from the Town Clerk’s Office.  

There is no need to request a ballot. You will receive a ballot in the mail and can vote at home. Ballots can be returned by mail with the postage paid envelope that will be enclosed. You can also return it in person to the new outdoor drive-up drop-box that has bee installed in the parking lot behind Town Hall.  It is available 24/7 and checked daily. Enter by the Police Department side of the parking lot so the box is at your driver side window. Exit by way of the Annex and Armory side. 

Alternatively, voters may go to the polls Nov. 3 at the Armory. Bring the ballot issued to you by mail. If you do not, you will have to fill out an affidavit swearing that you received a ballot already but chose not to use it. The building occupancy is limited, and masks will be required. Bring your own pen and be prepared to wait.  

About 800 people came in person for the Aug. 11 primary election; 2,700 people voted early. Returning your ballot to the polls on election day will require standing in line, getting checked off by a poll worker and placing the ballot in the tabulator yourself. There is no fast track lane for “just dropping off.” 

Unlike the August primary, this election has one ballot and one certificate envelope. The certificate envelope or voted ballot envelope is the small white envelope that the ballot goes into. Insert your completed voted ballot into this envelope, then seal it up and sign it at the bottom where it says: “signature. If the envelope is not signed, your vote does not count. Please use your middle initial if you have a common name like John smith. Do not sign your actual ballot. Voting is private and anonymous.  Signing your ballot identifies you and how you chose to vote and, by statute, deems your ballot “defective.”

The ballot is two-sided. The second side is for local races and issues. 

Returning your ballot as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that your ballot is received in a timely fashion and you are checked off as having voted.     

Call the Town Clerk’s office at 878-5121 with any questions.