Voter turnout record reached

Party nominations set for November

By Jason Starr

Observer staff

The Town of Williston saw record voter turnout for Tuesday’s party primary elections, aided by an enhanced vote-by-mail program led by the Vermont Secretary of State and a traditional vote-at-the-polls option held Tuesday at the Vermont National Guard Armory. 

A total of 3,454 voters cast ballots, according to the Williston Town Clerk’s office, out of roughly 8,000 registered voters. Turnout for a primary had never before topped 2,000, Town Clerk Sarah Mason said. 

The majority of Williston voters (2,336) chose to vote in the Democratic primary; 1,104 people voted the Republican ballot; and 14 voted the Progressive ballot. 

In the nomination contest for Williston’s representation in the Vermont House of Representatives, Erin Brady was the top vote-getter with 1,802. Her Democratic running mate, incumbent Jim McCullough received 1,765 votes. They won the party’s nomination for the two seats and will be on the general election ballot in November. 

There were no candidates on the Republican ballot for Williston’s House seats, but Republican Tony O’Rourke ran a successful write-in campaign. He received 105 write-in votes, putting him over the 25-vote minimum to move onto the general election ballot. 

O’Rourke will run against McCullough and Brady for one of the two available Williston House seats. 

It was a crowded field for the Democratic nominations for the six state Senate seats representing Chittenden County. According to the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office, the winners are: Ginny Lyons, Kesha Ram, Michael Sirotkin, Phil Baruth, Thomas Chittenden and Chris Pearson. Two Republicans were nominated: Tom Chastenay and Ericka Redic.

In Williston, Lyons was the top vote-getter (1,771) and Chittenden was second (1,219).

Statewide, Gov. Phil Scott won the Republican nomination for governor. Williston voters favored him with 930 votes compared to 130 for John Klar, the top Republican runner-up. Democrats nominated David Zuckerman over Rebecca Holcombe, both statewide and among Williston voters. 

For Lieutenant governor, Scott Milne won the Republican nomination and Molly Gray won the Democratic nomination. Milne was also the top vote-getter in Williston. But Williston voters favored Tim Ashe (874 votes) over Gray (737 votes) for the Democratic nomination. Williston’s Deb Ingram received 574 votes in Williston and was fourth for the statewide Democratic nomination. 

Registered voters can expect ballots to be mailed to them by the Vermont Secretary of State this fall ahead of the November general election. Election Day voting will also be available Nov. 3 at the Vermont National Guard Armory on Williston Road.