Visions of youth

Aug. 21, 2008
By Kayla Purvis

Summertime blues

The last day of school is perhaps the highlight of every student’s year. It signals that the nine months of homework, teachers and stress are finally over. The question is no longer, “When will summer get here?” but rather, “What will I do with my summer?”

My brother, Kirk Purvis, 12, of Williston likes to “hang out with friends, play video games and bike ride,” when his summer begins. Jake Allard, 11, of South Burlington plays the drums, attends camp and hangs out with friends. But summer isn’t always filled with free time, as swimmer Anna Shelley, 15, of Williston knows. Shelley spends many hours a week in the pool and doesn’t get a lot of free time.

For college students like Robert Frisch, 21, of Hinesburg, summer is a time to have fun.

“I avoid being home as much as possible; spend time in New York, Boston, go hiking and go to as many concerts as possible,” Frisch said.

Some students attend classes held at Champlain Valley Union High School. Some train for and play their favorite sports. Others study for upcoming classes and review notes from previous units of study. And then there are some who just relax and have fun.

In 1970, a famous classic rock band called The Who released its version of a song that was appropriately titled “Summertime Blues.” The song was about teenage life in America at the time: Kids working and trying to make money, trying to get dates and trying to live their own lives. Perhaps today’s definition of the summertime blues would be knowing that in a few short months, the summer’s warm freedom will be ending and school will be starting. The feeling of knowing it’s almost time to head back to the classroom has been described as annoying, disappointing, exciting and sweet.

“By the time school rolls around again, I’m usually running out of things to do,” Frisch said.

The question as to what should students do during the summer, as opposed to what do they do, still remains. Should we work? Should we study? Should we play sports? Should we travel?

I think it’s a personal choice. Each one of us works hard the entire school year, and when summer comes around it’s finally our turn to choose how we spend our time. Whether we want to read, travel, study or hang out should be a personal decision. Summer is the time for us to do what we want to do. It’s a time for us to enjoy a break from the stress of math problems, project deadlines and long days. Summer is when we get a chance to revamp, recharge and gain the needed energy to survive our days in the classroom.

As for me, I enjoy the summer, but I get excited for my return to CVU. High school has been great; a wonderful learning experience and I’ve met a ton of great people. Summertime is fun and I always look forward to it. Going back to school certainly doesn’t give me the summertime blues.

Williston resident Kayla Purvis will begin her sophomore year at Champlain Valley Union High School on Aug. 27.