Village schoolhouse set for new round of renovations

Williston’s Historical and Architectural Advisory Committee is seeking grants to fund the maintenance and repair of the Stovepipe Corner Schoolhouse.

The schoolhouse is located next to the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library in Williston Village. According to the project summary, written by Department of Public Works Director Bruce Hoar, work is needed on both the interior and exterior of the building, including new siding and upgrades to the adjacent outhouse. The Department of Public Works is collaborating with the Williston Historical Society to seek grants to fund the project, which is estimated to cost $72,800.

The Stovepipe Corner Schoolhouse was originally built north of Mountain View Road. It served as one of Williston’s one-room schoolhouses from 1850 to the 1920s when Williston made the switch from one-room schoolhouses to a graded school system.

In 1988, funds were raised by the Williston Historical Society to restore and relocate the schoolhouse to the village. Since the restoration in the 1980s, minor projects have been done on the schoolhouse, including exterior painting, maintenance of the landscape and some other small repairs. Though the integrity of the building is still good, according to Hoar, long-term maintenance and repairs are needed to preserve this historic schoolhouse.

On July 4 in 2019, the historical society opened the schoolhouse to visitors, setting it up with artifacts and pictorial displays to show visitors how the schoolhouse would have functioned in its day.

“We are hoping to have further events at the schoolhouse and will continue restoration,” Historical Society president Brenda Perkins said.

— Eva Benway