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Winter in Vermont

Winter is awesome because you can have snow ball fights  #wsdvt — Allessandro Cummmings-Ferlo, Grade 3

winter is awesome because it is white #wsdvt — Ari Diamond, Grade 3

winter in vt is awesome because you can snowbaord #wsdvt — Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

Can get really cold but really fun. —Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

Winter in Vermont is a cold but delightful wonderland.

The breeze, the air so new and fresh.

Winter might be cold but it’s the best.

— Hailey Stokes

Some people that see snow for the first time say it’s a winter wonderland but it is really not that cold for us! The cold is warm to me! — Caydance Newton, Grade 4


March Madness

I LIKE THIS sport   so i write about it…i love basketball. —Allessandro Cummmings-Ferlo, Grade 3:



I like this town because it is my home town — Allessandro Cummmings-Ferlo, Grade 3

i like this town because my school is in this town — Ari Diamond, Grade 3

Is very kid friendly everywhere —Amelia Worth, Grade 4



Make me laugh, they are nice, and helpful —Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

They always have my back. —Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Friends going crazy on how fast I can say the alphabet. —Jimmy Mayes



i like school because it is fun, cool interactive and friends and that’s why  i like  school — Allessandro Cummmings-Ferlo, Grade 3

i like school because you get to have fun — Ari Diamond, Grade 3:

Makes learning fun. —Amelia Worth, Grade 4


A special pet

#fastcat my cat drinks a bowl of water in 30 seconds. —Jimmy Mayes

I have five fish. Sometimes I like to pretend they can talk. They mostly say that frogs hop around. I love my fish. —Cleo Miller-Young

I have a dog named daisy she is very special to me and so is my cat roy —Asa Roberts, Grade 3
i have a dog named veda — Noah LeCours, Grade 4

i have no pets because if they died i would be sad — Ari Diamond, Grade 3

If i had no pets i don’t know what i would do. —Kaydance Melendez, Grade 3

is everything you need —Owen Pierce, Grade 4

Is my 2 guinea pigs named Emma and Hazel who are 3 months and are ADORABLE!!!!! —Kerrigan westbay, 4

My 11 year old chocolate lab named Cody —Kerrigan Westbay, 4




Watching hockey is like eating cheese pizza when you are starving! — George Russell, Grade 3
watching lacrosse is fun because you can eat ice cream —Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

basketball because i like shooting hoops  — Allessandro Cummmings-Ferlo, Grade 3


when i watch sports i feel the tension in the air —Ari Diamond, Grade 3

i like soccer because you get to kick something —Ari Diamond, Grade 3

Is a fun way to exercise and meet new people —Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

It’s a fun way to get fresh air and exercise. —Amelia Worth, Grade 4


Theme Week

i liked them week because there were fun games. —Allessandro Cummmings-Ferlo, Grade 3

It’s a fun way of learning about different things. —Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Is a fun way to learn about different places, meet new people, and to have fun —Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

is a way to connect and have a ton of fun sometimes —Owen Pierce, Grade 4