Treasured moments

By Holly and Prineet Amin, Williston

We’ve lived in Williston for almost 10 years now, and for at least the last seven years, our July Fourth tradition has involved the parade and fireworks. We were forced to break that traditional this year,  and hopefully for ONLY this year. 

We did keep one tradition alive: eating a higher than average amount of sugar before lunch time. 

Every kid knows that with a parade comes convertibles and candy, and so we took our convertible for a morning ride up to Milton to try Madeline’s Bakery. And, as parents of two young kids (LEFT: Addie, age 6 and Arik, age 3), we decided this year it would be perfectly acceptable to have sugar cookies and donuts for breakfast. We did try to balance that morning sugar intake with freshly picked strawberries from Paul Mazza’s after lunch, followed by tons of socially distanced swimming and floating at a friend’s house in Thayer Bay in Colchester.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When the world hands you a pandemic, treasure every moment with your family and do your best  to keep yourselves and others healthy.

Happy Fourth, America.