Town looks to upgrade police, fire communications


A communications tower near the intersection of St. George Road (Route 2A) and Old Creamery Road is part of a plan to upgrade radio reliability for the Williston police, fire and rescue departments.

The tower and underlying land is owned by the Vermont Electric Co-op (VEC), based in Johnson.

It currently hosts a repeater for radio communications for Williston’s first-responders. VEC recently completed site work on the ground around the tower, clearing brush, doing pest control work “and other minor upgrades to ensure service is not compromised this winter,” VEC spokesman Jake Brown said.

The tower may need more significant upgrades to improve communications among first-responders, which currently is challenged by the undulating landscape in the southern section of town.

“The setup hasn’t reached some areas of town as well as we want it to,” Town Manager Erik Wells said. “We need to boost the signal over those hills … This could involve the consideration of a larger tower on the site, but there are no formal plans at this time.”

— Jason Starr