Town Hall to get new parking lot

Observer staff report

A new parking lot being constructed behind Williston Town Hall this month will double town-owned parking spaces.

“Our parking here is pretty limited,” Williston Public Works Director Neil Boyden said. “The Armory is taking space back now that they so graciously allowed us to use for all these years.”

The State of Vermont military department owns most of the land west of the town hall annex that houses the public works and recreation departments, Boyden said. For years the town has provided winter maintenance service to the armory in exchange for use of the Armory parking lot. It’s time, however, for the town to have its own parking lot, Boyden said.

Currently the town owns roughly 15 parking spaces; the new parking lot will add 21 spaces, about 9,360 square feet, Boyden said.

A land swap about two years ago laid the groundwork for the parking lot’s construction, Boyden said. The land on which the new parking lot will be constructed was previously owned by the state; the town owned about a half-acre behind the Armory. The switch enabled the Armory to construct a new vehicle and equipment compound in the last year to better secure their property.

“It seems like it was a win-win situation for the town and the state,” said Wendall Nolan, facilities manager for the State of Vermont Military Department.

The environment, too, will benefit. Stormwater runoff from the land behind town hall previously was untreated; with the new parking lot, all of the runoff will go through treatment.

Drainage work on the parking lot is underway this week; construction of the base will begin next week, according to Boyden. Paving is expected next month.