Tims Snack Shack for sale (2/18/10)

Feb. 18, 2010

By Tim Simard

Observer staff

The owner of a popular seasonal eatery is selling his business and hopes a new owner will keep it in Williston. Tim Leggett put his business, Tim’s Snack Shack, up for sale last week. A sign resting against the shack advertises the sale and includes his phone number. So far, Leggett said he’s received about 25 calls.

“There’s a lot of interested people out there, and some that want to keep it in Williston,” Leggett said.

Last September, Tim’s Snack Shack, at the corner of Industrial Avenue and Williston Road, was the site of a deadly accident. A man suffering a medical emergency crashed his truck into the shack and nearby picnic tables. The crash severely injured two people, one fatally. Shelburne resident Barbara Gregory, 68, died several days after the accident.

Ultimately, Leggett felt he couldn’t run the business after the crash.

“I don’t think I would have sold it if not for the accident,” he said. “It’s pretty tough to go back there right now.”

Leggett is selling the shack for $45,000, which includes refrigerators, grills, and fryers, among other kitchen equipment. Leggett said he still needs to repair minor damage the shack sustained in the crash.

Leggett hopes Tim’s Snack Shack will remain in Williston or the surrounding area. He said he received one call from a New York resident interested in relocating the eatery. A new buyer might not be able to keep Tim’s Snack Shack at its current location depending on what the town or state decides in light of the accident. The Vermont Agency of Transportation also plans to block access to the traditional entrance area of the shack this spring. The state intends to alter the access point to improve safety.

“It’s a good business and I think Williston needs it,” Leggett said.

For more information on the sale, call Leggett at 999-8932.