These are a few of my favorite things…

By Ruben Somda, Grade 8
By Ruben Somda, Grade 8


By Julia Pecor

Grade 5

My favorite thing to do with my family is going on vacations. Me and my family travel and have gone to tons of places. We often travel in the car so we talk a lot in the car and bond. It is fun traveling because when we get there we can go swimming at the hotel or go out to eat or go to the beach! I know every state we have traveled to all together! Here are all the states, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York! This year we will be going to Virginia and we will stop at Hershey Park. A super fun place! I enjoy traveling with my family!


By Filip Popa

Grade 5

My favorite thing to do with my friends and family is to play baseball. Baseball is my favorite sport since you do a lot of running, catching, and hitting. My favorite position in baseball is outfielder. As an outfielder you have to catch balls that are hit all the way in the outfield. It would be best if you catch the ball and not let it touch the ground. Catch it would be an out for the opposing team. My favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. David Ortiz is a role model for me since his swings are so good. I wish that I could be like David someday.

School Vacations

By Grant Schroeder

Grade 6

For me school vacations are the best part of the year. I like school vacations so much because most of the holidays happen during the vacations. Another reason why I like school vacations is you can do a lot more fun stuff. If not at school you can spend time with family and you can go places. My favorite thing to do during winter vacation is to ski and play capture the flag in the snow. I also like to build forts in the snow. For summer vacation I like to swim and bike to get ice cream. That is what I like to do on my summer vacations.

Rob Gronkowski

By Ryan Wetmore

Grade 8

I would say Rob Gronkowski is one of my favorite athletes. I like him because he is probably one of the best tight ends in the NFL. I like him because he can always get open. No matter what, Gronkowski somehow catches the ball from Tom Brady. I always enjoy watch defenders try to tackle Gronkowski, but they can’t bring him down. He is what makes the Patriots offence so good! That is why Rob Gronkowski is my favorite athlete.

Bungee Jumping

By Lizzie Maklad

Grade 8

One thing that I have never done but always wanted to do is to go bungee jumping. I think that it would be really fun to just fly through the air and let everything else go. All worries put aside; it’s just you and the world around you as you jump. Also I feel like the best part must be when you reach the end of the rope and bounce up a little. That seems like an amazing moment to experience and also super fun. Bungee jumping is also really cool because sometimes it’s over water and sometimes it’s over a forest. Either one would be an amazing view to look at. Similar to bungee jumping is sky diving which I don’t think I would ever in my whole life be able to do. It’d be too much worry with the whole parachute aspect about it. Bungee jumping is definitely something I would love to try some day!


By Ananya Rohatgi,

Grade 6

Something I would like to try that I have never done before is skydiving. I would like to try skydiving because it would be really fun and scary, but at the same time it would be really beautiful and a really great experience. I know a lot of people who have been skydiving and all of them have said that it’s an unforgettable experience and they would do it again in a heartbeat. I imagine skydiving would be scary, but when I jump off the plane I think it would be like riding a rollercoaster with a really big drop, scary, but fun. So I would like to try skydiving because it is exciting, fun, scary and it would be beautiful.

Ezekiel Elliot

By Gregory Bliss

Grade 8

My favorite athlete is Ezekiel Elliott. He is my favorite because he played for my favorite team, Ohio State. When he played for them, he won a championship. I like him because he can do everything as a running back. He had the most yards from scrimmage as a running back from the 2016 season. I also like him because he has an inspiring story. His best friend committed suicide while he was at Ohio State. He overcame his sadness by playing football. Now, he is one of the elite running backs in football.