The art of travel

Nancy Stone’s collection of handmade Vermont 251 Club postcards is nearly complete.
Nancy and Ken Stone display the unique postcards Nancy created for each of Vermont’s 251 cities and towns, including Williston’s postcard depicting the town’s July Fourth celebration.

Ken and Nancy Stone didn’t just complete the Vermont 251 Club challenge of visiting all of Vermont’s 251 towns and cities. They made it into a work of art.

During their two-and-a-half-year adventure, which the Williston couple completed in June, Ken drove while Nancy took photos and wrote reflections about each town. Once home, she created handmade postcards with original watercolor paintings on the front and writing on the back.

Nancy has 13 postcards to go. The entire set will be on display at the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library later this year and will eventually become part of UVM’s special collections. The couple plans to seek out publishers to turn the collection into a book.

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