Ten enrichments of summer camp

By the American Camp Association

Overnight and day campers practice and develop skill sets necessary for friendship, leadership and community citizenship. Life-enriching lessons await your camper or college-age counselor this summer at camp, as they learn to:

Bounce back from hardship and gain resilience

Campers and young staff are coached through tough situations to handle problems with positive attitudes and to learn how to be part of the solution.

Make and keep friends

Campers build and gain the social skills to meet new people and to create social networks — in person.

Move more and embrace a healthy lifestyle

Campers enjoy a far more active lifestyle than the school year often allows. They enjoy different activities such as swimming, climbing and individual and competitive sports. Campers are moving all day long, even as they walk from activity to activity or to the dining hall.

Assess risks and examine possible results as a decision-maker

Campers learn to weigh their options and to make decisions as individuals and as part of a group. They take responsibility for the consequences, positive or negative.

Work as part of a team

Team-building exercises strengthen communication and collaboration with others. Collaborative skills are highly valued in college and in the workplace.

Live with others who are different

There is not a better way to get to know a person from a different ethnic and cultural background than to share a camp experience.

Be more patient and understanding

Campers develop empathy and learn to accept others’ points of views when working, playing and living together so closely.

Resolve a conflict

Campers learn key social skills of negotiation and compromise.

Be more self-reliant and confident

Campers are encouraged to be as independent as possible, to better themselves in a variety of ways and to be proud of who they are.

Explore their own creativity

Camp environments foster creativity throughout the day. Group and team-building activities require creative thinking, and much of camp programming — formal and informal — encourages campers to think and act creatively, whether they’re making jewelry, making music or making up a new game or adventure.

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