Target rumor misfires

By Luke Baynes

Observer staff

Contrary to a report published March 23 on the Vermont Business Magazine website (, Target Corp. is still targeting the former driving range property on Williston Road as a potential store location.

Although the Vermont Business  Magazine story paraphrased Williston Director of Planning and Zoning Ken Belliveau as saying that Target’s plans fell through because the Minneapolis-based retail giant was unwilling to lease land from J.L. Davis Realty and would only buy land outright, Belliveau told the Observer on Monday that he was misquoted and that J.L. Davis doesn’t own the former driving range property – it is in fact owned by Al Senecal of Omega Realty.

The Observer’s calls to Omega Realty for comment were not returned.

Belliveau added that he hasn’t talked to representatives from Target since their Jan. 3 meeting with the Williston Planning Commission.

“I have not spoken to anybody concerning this from the Target Corporation or from the ownership of the former driving range property,” Belliveau said. “We have no new information.”

Jeff Nick, president of J.L. Davis, said that comments attributed to Greg Dirmaier, J.L. Davis vice president, were misconstrued, due to the fact that his company doesn’t own the former driving range parcel. He said that while he previously engaged in conversations with Target officials about potentially buying or leasing J.L. Davis-owned land west of Vermont 2A, those discussions were not recent.

The Vermont Business Magazine story has since been removed from its website and has been replaced with a corrected report.