Survey seeks opinions on village bus service (3/18/10)

Route times, stops yet to be determined

March 18, 2010

By Greg Elias

Observer staff

The Chittenden County Transit Authority wants residents’ opinion on the schedule for a new bus line to Williston Village. And it is still seeking public comment about a redesigned route that will serve the rest of town.


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This map shows the Williston, South Burlington and Burlington route changes as originally proposed by the Chittenden County Transit Authority. Routing and schedules could be altered based on public input received via an online survey and during a series of public hearings next month.

CCTA is conducting an online survey to gather input on a new route that will for the first time bring bus service to the village. Go to to fill out the survey.

Catering to commuters, the line will have two morning and two afternoon runs from the village. The express service will make limited stops on its way to the Cherry Street terminal in downtown Burlington, said Meredith Birkett, CCTA planning manager.

The survey gives respondents a choice of three arrival and departure times for each of the morning and afternoon runs on the village route. Birkett said CCTA would be willing to consider other scheduling scenarios based on the public’s input.

“We think any of these times will probably work for Williston,” she said. “But if there is a really strong feeling in the community that people want to get to Cherry Street by, say 7:15, then we’d listen.”

The locations of stops in the village have yet to be determined. Birkett said one would likely be at Williston Town Hall and a second could be located further west, perhaps near Old Stage Road.

Residents who want to provide additional input beyond filling out the survey can send e-mail to

CCTA is also seeking more public comment on a proposal to replace the existing Williston and South Burlington routes with new and streamlined service.

The existing Taft Corners route runs only to the University Mall in South Burlington, where passengers must transfer if they wish to reach the Cherry Street terminal in Burlington.

Last year, CCTA proposed a more direct link between Williston and Burlington. The revised route would still circle Taft Corners, stopping at Wal-Mart and Maple Tree Place. But instead of ending at the University Mall, it will now continue down U.S. 2 to Burlington.

Last month, CCTA held a series of public hearings on the changes. About 65 people attended the sessions held in Williston and other Chittenden County locations. The input was used to shape proposed route changes and produce a plan that will be presented during five hearings next month.

Meetings will be held in Williston, South Burlington, Essex Junction and Burlington. The Williston session is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20 at 6 p.m. at Williston Town Hall. The one weekend hearing takes place at CCTA’s administrative offices on Industrial Parkway in Burlington on Saturday, April 10 at 11 a.m.

Routing rather than scheduling was the most-discussed issue during the first set of hearings, Birkett said. CCTA also conducted an online survey to gather input. In all, about 65 people attended the hearings and there were about 150 survey responses.

Some expressed concern about the proposal to eliminate stops on Industrial Avenue in Williston, an area with many businesses and hundreds of employees, Birkett said. Others questioned changes to the Williston-Essex bus line.

That route stays intact in the current proposal, albeit with a condensed schedule that has more frequent runs during commute hours, according to Birkett.

Depending on public input at the upcoming hearings, Birkett said CCTA may restore stops that have been eliminated or make other changes.

The CCTA Board of Commissioners is expected to vote on the final route plan by the end of April. The revised service could start by early summer.