Students share pandemic perspectives

Get by with a little help from my friends

This school year hit me like a heavy wrecking ball. I don’t think the transitions have only affected me, I think they affected everyone in the school.

Despite these difficult challenges I had two valuable techniques to help me tackle school this year. The strategies I am currently using are exercise and friends.

First, exercise has made a huge difference in my school year. Exercise also has many great benefits. Exercise has helped me step into the “green zone” when I am snoozy and gloomy in the morning. When I’m In the green zone, I’m zoned into the lesson and I put effort into the work.

Exercise has not only benefited me but many more students. Plus, when you exercise, you just tend to have a better mood and growth mindset.

Where can I start with my friends?!

I’m more than thankful for my friends. They cheer me up when I feel down in the dumps. Not only that, they are the type of friends who are filled with humor and they also ask if you’re okay .

They support me in numerous ways, and this is the main reason why I have a good time at school. If you had my perspective, you would feel their daring, adventurous and heart-warming personalities.

To handle all the changes this school year, I highly recommend you exercise with your friends. It will get you going in the right direction!

— Nikeelar Say, Grade 4

Through it all, a silver lining

Online work has been the biggest challenge this year in my opinion.

Having to depend on the internet, not being motivated and not having enough socializing are three of the many hard things that this year and last year have brought.

Adults don’t know how it feels for kids on remote days, but we can all relate to one thing, BAD INTERNET! This is a problem that I know a lot about. My computer falls asleep and shuts down without notice.

One time, our class was reading a book called “Tuck Everlasting.” We were at the best part (I won’t spoil it) and my computer glitched out and I missed the part. This is one of the thousands of things that can go wrong with online learning, and if we were in-person there would be no chance of that.

I wish people knew about how unmotivated kids are on remote days. When you are in a meeting, you are fine doing your work, or at least in a motivated zone. Once you get off the meeting, there are so many things to do for school, but you just find ways to procrastinate.

If you were in school, you would have a good day and not have to worry about any more work when you get home.

I find myself trying to find things to do, but not getting what needs to be done finished.

This is one of my hardest challenges of remote learning.

Lastly, not being able to socialize has a HUGE impact on my school days. Socializing is such an important thing, and when we are doing remote learning, there is barely any.

This impacts me because I socialize all the time. I love helping people and being very interactive, so when we do remote learning, it takes away that good feeling.

Out of all this negative, though, there also comes a silver lining. Our class has been able to grow SO close together. We quarantined together, we stayed whole the entire time, and most of all, we had the BEST teacher ever – Ms. Weegar.

Bad internet, not being motivated and not enough socializing are three hard things, but we have what is important, being together.

— Ella Botten, grade 4

Three coping strategies

There are many ways I have handled this year’s changes in school. Some ways I suggest are exercise, imagination and perseverance.

Exercise helps in many ways. It will boost your energy and open your brain to try new things.

There are a variety of ways you can exercise: biking, skiing, walking, running, yoga and much more. I suggest you go and do some yoga when things get hard and you need a break.

Another thing that has helped me is my imagination. Obviously, we cannot do many things involving touching during recess. So, I think it is fun to make up games. My friends and I have a game we do where we spin up and get really dizzy. Then, the first to get the soccer ball through the goal wins. It is really fun and I had to use my imagination to think of it.

My last strategy is perseverance. It is necessary in order to keep going. We need to persevere through this together.

I hope you use my strategies when you find yourself stuck.

— Anna Thorley-Doucette, Grade 4