Stormwater bills mailed

The first bills for Williston’s new stormwater fee should arrive in resident’s mailboxes by Friday.

The bills are due March 30.

The fee—being charged to every landowner in town—will go toward paying for upgrades to the town’s stormwater system required by state and federal management requirements. The upgrades will also help Williston meet its water quality goals and prevent flooding.

The Selectboard approved the fee last year, reasoning that it was a more equitable way to raise the funds needed than a tax.

The monthly rate is $4.25 per Equivalent Residential Unit, which adds up to approximately $51 per year for most Williston households. An Equivalent Residential Unit, or ERU, is the median area of impervious surface of single-family residence properties in town.

Fees for non-single family residences, such as businesses, would be calculated using a tier system based on the amount of impervious surface on the property.

The fee will be included on residents’ water and sewer bills, if they already receive them. For those not on the town water and sewer system, a new quarterly bill will be sent.

For more information, visit the town website at