Sterling Students Contribute

Students in Williston Central School’s Sterling House have been giving back to their community in a COVID-friendly way this December. 

Students participated in the Sterling Chore Challenge, completing a chore for their family in exchange for specific food items needed by the Williston Community Food Shelf. For example, if a student cleaned a refrigerator at home, they earned baby food for the food shelf. If they cleaned a bathroom, they earned a jar of peanut butter. Or if they completed a load of laundry, they could earn a hygiene product like toothpaste or soap. Overall the students and families made a large contribution, completing 377 chores.  

Sterling students also put on their creative hats and decorated about 150 rocks with positive affirmations and created cards for seniors in the Williston Community. The school coordinated with Whitney Hill Homestead and a few other local senior communities to distribute the positive vibes to help seniors who may be missing their families this time of year.