Sports Notes (8/13/09)

Aug. 13, 2009


Williston swimmers succeed at state championships

Seven swimmers from Williston’s EDGE Swim Team, ages 8 through 17, captured first, second and third place finishes in the Vermont Swim Association State Championships, held Aug. 1 and 2 at White River Junction.

All were members of the EDGE Swim Team coached by Melinda Antonucci.

Leading the way were Ben Ogle with four first place finishes and Ellie Laukaitis with a pair of wins and two third places.

Chandler Brandes scored a runner-up in the 200 freestyle and John Laukaitis tied for second in the 25 backstroke.

Third places were captured by Anna Shelley in the 100 backstroke, Baxter Bishop in the 25 backstroke and Ben Kinsley in the 100 individual medley.

EDGE finished fourth in Division 3.

Williston swimmers Maddie, Caroline and Elliott Limanek helped Burlington Tennis Club to a first place finish in Division 1. Hannah Durkee of Williston was on the Burlington Country Club team that finished first in Division 2.

Paralyzed Barre football player sues school

A paralyzed former Spaulding High School football player is suing the Barre school district over his injuries.

Derek Felix was a 16-year-old high school junior four years ago when he was paralyzed on his second play in the game as he tried to tackle a player on the opposing team.

The lawsuit says Felix should not have been sent into the September 2005 game because he hadn’t completed the minimum 10 practices needed to play and he had not been taught how to tackle.

Felix is now 20 and living with his family in Barre. He uses a wheelchair.

School district lawyer Pietro Lynn told the Barre Times Argus that school officials wish Felix the best, but they do not believe any school employees were negligent.

— The Associated Press