Sports during a pandemic

The impact on student athletes and coaches


CVU High School

The 2020-2021 “COVID season” has brought some high school sports teams success and others a hyphenated schedule, or even no season at all. As an athlete, I was curious about the impact this season has had on coaches and players in the CVU community.

Tim Albertson is the head coach for the CVU varsity baseball team.

“Everybody is extremely grateful for the opportunity to play,” he said. “After watching a full season of games get taken away, the fact that we get to play has made a major impact.”

Senior Sebastian D’Amico reflected on the cancelation of the basketball season.

“I felt pretty sad,” he said. “It’s because I’d been working out a lot and getting in shape. I wanted to win.”

After the cancelation of the 2020 spring sports season, teams found themselves with an opportunity to play the games they love. But for some sports, the 2021 season was cancelled, too.

COVID restrictions and protocols have made it harder for teams to compete. In the fall, football teams had to downgrade to a 7-vs.-7 no-contact format. And in the winter, boys and girls hockey had hyphenated schedules. Indoor track and wrestling were canceled.

Seth Boffa, a senior running back for the Redhawk football team said: “We made the best of it. It was still a lot of fun playing … Being a running back, I couldn’t even run the ball.”

This spring’s sports has seen a loosening of COVID restrictions and protocols. Athletes in non-contact sports such as baseball, softball, girls and boys tennis and track-and-field no longer have to wear masks as long as they are properly 6 feet apart. High contact sports such as boys and girls lacrosse and boys and girls ultimate frisbee still require masks at all times.