Snack bar opens at Lake Iroquois

Snack Bar Vermont Summer Lake Iroquois
The Sheehan brothers (from left) Ryan, 7, Billy, 3 and Tommy, 8, enjoy frozen treats during a sweltering day at Lake Iroquois. The snack bar recently reopened under new owners. (Observer photo by Stephanie Choate)

By Stephanie Choate
Observer staff
After a three-year absence, a snack bar is now open at Lake Iroquois.
Williston native Jim Johnson, who has worked at the lake for years, said residents have been clamoring for a snack bar.
“It was one of the top questions asked of me constantly,” Johnson said. “‘Why isn’t there a snack bar? There used to be a snack bar.’”
Several vendors have tried to make the location work, but for the last three years there have only been vending machines at the beach. Johnson decided to open the snack bar himself as part of the company he owns, Top Dog Grill. He serves hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and frozen treats, cold drinks, fries, snacks and more.
“We’re trying to provide a service that seems needed for a reasonable price,” he said.
Johnson said this summer is a trial period, and if people support the snack bar, he’d like to keep it going.
“This year, we’re just kind of feeling out what the best business model will be,” he said. “If it doesn’t work, we’ll go back to vending machines.”
Johnson said the snack bar doesn’t have solid hours yet, but he tries keep the stand open for lunch every day, and will stay open when the weather is good and the beach is busy. On recent hot days when the beach was packed, he stayed open until 6 p.m.
“We can only afford to be open when there’s demand,” he said.
He’s also open to suggestions, and encouraged people to tell him what they’d like to see for sale at the snack bar.
“It’s all about people. We’re excited to see people and talk to people,” he said. “Hopefully, they get service with a smile and get products they want and enjoy and it stays around for quite a while.”