Seminar Schedule

Videos Tell Sustainability Stories and Work toward Hopeful, Local Sustainable Futures
11 a.m. • UVM Davis Center

Tom Hudspeth from UVM’s Environmental Program and Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources will present a series of “Sustainability Stories” at the Living Green Fair on Sept.27. Students in the UVM Creating Environmentally Sustainable Communities service-learning course produced videos and papers that tell stories about local individuals and groups who serve as role models for others to emulate while transitioning to more environmentally sustainable communities.
The stories highlight people who inspire, encourage and empower others, people who have a positive vision of a sustainable future (an alternative to the dominant social paradigm, the status quo) and take action to achieve it, to turn it into reality. The stories seek to operationalize sustainability, humanize it, make it more concrete, make it come alive and put a face on it.

These Boots Were Made For Walking…and Biking and Busing and Car-Sharing
12 p.m. • UVM Davis Center

Regional transportation providers and advocates will share how they can help you become green simply by changing your driving habits. Featured speakers from CarShare Vermont, CCTA and Local Motion will make the case for going multi-modal and explain in simple terms how to ride the bus, what bike commuting is all about and how car-sharing ties it all together. Remember, you’re not stuck in traffic – you ARE traffic! Learn how to be part of the solution, save money and get fit simply by driving less.
Meredith Birkett has been with CCTA since 2003 and is the Director of Service Development. She oversees rural and urban bus route planning, marketing, outreach and IT. She received BA degrees in Economics and Policy Studies from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School in 2000 and a Master of Public Administration from the University of New Hampshire in 2003.
Annie Bourdon is founder and executive director of CarShare Vermont, Vermont’s first car-sharing organization. She is a sustainable transportation enthusiast who has been involved in the car-sharing industry since its arrival in the U.S. over a decade ago. Bourdon has worked for and led social change nonprofits since graduating from Bates College in 1998. In early 2001, she helped her two friends launch San Francisco’s City CarShare, where she spent four years expanding mission-driven car sharing throughout the Bay Area and beyond. While starting up CarShare Vermont, she also completed a master’s degree in public administration at the University of Vermont. She also serves on the boards of several car sharing organizations in North America.
Mary Catherine Graziano is the outreach and education manager at Local Motion, a non-profit organization dedicated to making it safe, fun and easy to walk and bike in Vermont. Local Motion specializes in active transportation and provides many resources for people to incorporate bicycling and walking into their lifestyles. Graziano holds a B.A. in Environment and Development from McGill University (class of 2001) She has over a decade of experience with education, for both adults and children, as well as with sustainability and recreation.

Compost Q&A Session with CSWD
2 p.m. • UVM Davis Center

Become a composting and recycling rocket scientist!
Every day, we’re all doing the same thing: figuring out how to get rid of stuff without sending it to the landfill. Sometimes it feels like you have to be a rocket scientist to determine whether something goes in the bin or not. Well, then, become a rocket scientist! Come to a lively Q&A session hosted by CSWD at the Living Green Fair and you will emerge with the know-how and resources to make you a composting and recycling rocket scientist!

You’ll learn:
Tips and tricks for determining what is recyclable and compostable at home, school, work and play
How to set up a system that works wherever you are, so you’re capturing as much as possible out of the waste stream
What the new Universal Recycling & Composting Law (Act 148) means for you.

New Technology to Help You Save On Heating Bills
1 p.m. • UVM Davis Center

VPIRG Clean Energy Advocate Ben Walsh will be at the Living Green Fair to speak about a new technology that can save Vermonters 50 percent on their heating bills! It’s called a cold climate heat pump.
He’ll explain how the technology works and how you can take the next step to get one installed.
Ben Walsh has served as the Clean Energy Advocate for VPIRG since 2012. Prior to taking over VPIRG’s Energy Program, he led VPIRG’s grassroots organizing as its Field Director. A native of Vermont, Walsh holds a BS in Environmental Studies and BA in Political Science from UVM. At VPIRG, he works to research, identify and advance clean energy policy solutions in and out of the State House.