Seasons throughout Vermont

Photo ‘Beauty in Williston’ by Maggie Lawrence, Grade 5

Adelaide Durant

Grade 7

In summer the leaves are pigmented with a luscious green

The light breeze makes the temperatures bearable

As we dive into the cool lake our worries wash away

But soon summer fades and the leaves turn into bright bursts

Many Vermonters enjoy the harvests crop with their neighbors

The frost will come, leaving a delicate layer of what we know will soon come


Harsh winds run through the mountains scaring some away, but pulling others close

Snow covers the ground leaving a light fluffy layer of bright white

Many wake to the sound of the snow plow, rushing down the street

Many fear the cold and its effects, but others enjoy its benefits

As quickly as its starts it ends

Wet, brown, muddy, grass is everywhere and the air still nips

But soon flowers bloom and the warm breeze returns

Slowly spring appears

These are the seasons through Vermont

All four differing from each other, each with their benefits and doubts.