School district posts online survey for equity feedback (9/24/09)

Sept. 24, 2009

By Tim Simard

Observer staff

The Williston School administration is seeking input on how to improve equity between academic houses.

District Principal Walter Nardelli said parents, teachers, former students and community members can give feedback by using an online program on the district’s Web site,

Nardelli said the online input form asks for opinions about equity topics the Williston Conceptual Frameworks Committee developed last school year. The committee created a chart to determine the areas where houses — groupings of classrooms and grades — were considered to have discrepancies in equality. Topics range from inequality in curriculum to student placement to learning environment.

There are different fields within the form where respondents can write about their own experiences with house inequality and how they believe it can best be addressed, Nardelli explained.

“We’re looking for specifics,” Nardelli said. “The more specific the responses that we get, the better it helps us.”

Last school year, the Frameworks Committee briefly discussed equity while developing recommendations for a school reconfiguration. Over the summer, the School Board decided the administration, rather than the committee, should continue the equity work.

Nardelli said the online input form will be posted on the school’s Web site until Oct. 16. He said he has not looked at any responses yet.

“We’ll probably take a look halfway through and see what people are saying,” Nardelli said.

The administration will take the feedback from parents and the community and develop different methods on how to best achieve more equity across the houses, especially with the school district’s reconfiguration next year. Nardelli said all decisions on equity would be made by December, in time for the School Board’s 2010-2011 budget work.

The online equity input form can be found on the district’s Web site at the top link on the right side of the screen.