Role models

What is a role model?

Demi Godbout

Grade 4

A Role Model is a person that follows the rules and shows other people that that’s what to do. And tells other people that that’s the right thing to do.


Jacob Allaire

Grade 6

Being a role model is super important. Being a role model is being a leader to others. Sometimes if you do something the other person will do the same. So if you do the right thing they will do the right thing to. Being a role model is important.


Jacob Brassard

Grade 8

A role model can be described in many different ways. I think a role model is someone who sets a good example and is someone you can look up to. For example a good coach could be a role model because you probably look up to a coach and coaches usually set a good example. That is what a role model is to me.




What is mindfulness?

Zachary Spitznagle

Grade 3

Mindfulness is someone asking a question and you listing.  Mindfulness is also answering the question.  One of the most helpful things of Mindfulness that is helpful to our school is helping out.

Kayla Jerome

Grade 7

Mindfulness. Peaceful. It helps relax you. Makes you concentrate on things that are important. It helps through stressful things like homework or bullies or just friends that aren’t be the best of a friend right now and are going through a hard time. Just plain relaxation is all you need.


Kieran Tharpe

Grade 6

Mindfulness is when you are being aware of someone else’s needs or being aware of what is happening around you. This contributes to our school community by letting everyone get the help they need. Also it helps if you aren’t feeling good. Someone could notice that and help you out. This is what I think mindfulness is and how it contributes to our school community.