Road Watch

July 7, 2011

Temporary bridge at U.S. 2 in Richmond now open

A temporary bridge and road at the U.S. 2 Checkered House Bridge in Richmond opened on June 29. The temporary, two-lane bridge over the Winooski River is directly adjacent to the existing 1929 bridge on U.S. 2. Construction of the temporary bridge will allow traffic to flow smoothly on U.S. 2 while construction is underway at the existing 1929 bridge.

The total length of the temporary bridge is 392 feet with a 266-foot center span. It took about 14 weeks to build, with construction beginning in late March. The temporary bridge will be used for two years until the Checkered House Bridge is re-opened in late spring 2013.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation urges motorists to please use caution when navigating the construction site and abide by all posted speed limits.

All legally permitted truck traffic can use the new temporary bridge.

-State Agency of Transportation

Road repairs

Due to the recent flooding and severe rain, damaged roads may cause road or lane closures. Motorists should take care and be alert for Town and State crews repairing damage to roads and highways. Motorists should be alert for workers mowing, filling potholes and cleaning catch basins on the highway and state roads throughout Chittenden County, which may require occasional lane closures. VTrans paint crews are painting state and certain town highways. Be alert for fresh paint. Paint areas are signed.

-Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization