Rising cost of health insurance

Did you get your health insurance renewal pricing? Are you surprised by the increase in the cost of health insurance? Not only did most Vermonters and Vermont employers see an increase in premiums, but deductibles and co-pays also increased. Governor Shumlin promised to slow the cost of health insurance, but the result has been more expensive insurance with deductibles and co-pays most of us can’t afford. Since Governor Shumlin’s plan has failed, perhaps we could repeal the mandate that requires all individuals and small businesses to buy insurance from Vermont Health Connect and restore the insurance market. Governor Shumlin has wasted more than $200 million on a failed health care website and all Vermonters have to show for it are higher taxes and higher health care premiums, deductibles and co-pays. This is not what we were promised. It is time for a new direction. We can start by electing Republican House members from Williston who will actually work to solve the problems and end one party rule.

Darcie Johnston