Right to the Point11/20/08

Obama – broken promises and a future of change

Nov. 20, 2008

By Mike Benevento

The elections are over and Barack Obama was the big winner. Now is the time for all Americans to support Obama — even if they did not vote for him. Since it is every American’s duty to support the office of the president of the United States — no matter which party occupies it — we all need to back Obama after he takes office. Remember, country first, political party second.

This concept may sound foreign to many elite liberals, who have been vilifying and rooting against President Bush the past eight years. During that time, the left has displayed a great deal of contempt and hatred toward Bush. At times, they labeled him a cowboy, an idiot, a murderer and compared him to Hitler.

Democrats often use Bush as the scapegoat for the country’s problems. Among other things, Bush has been accused of being behind the Sept. 11 attacks, invading Iraq under false pretenses solely to benefit his oil buddies, torturing enemy combatants, greatly contributing to global warming and taking advantage of Hurricane Katrina to harm minorities.

Once Obama takes office, conservatives must avoid the partisan hate politics practiced by the left. That does not mean conservatives will yield to Obama’s every whim. Far from it.

However, it will require that conservatives formulate logical opposing arguments, stick to the facts and avoid name-calling and scare tactics. In doing so, conservatives will change the tone of the opposition party from one of hatred to one of bipartisanship.

Breaking campaign finance promises


Early in the campaign, all the leading presidential candidates promised to accept public funding. By doing so, they hoped to reduce the influence of lobbyists, special interest groups and dirty money on their potential administrations. While Hillary Clinton and John McCain kept their promise, Obama broke his.

Breaking his campaign finance promise allowed Obama to obliterate every political fundraising and spending record in U.S. history. While McCain was limited to $84 million in federal funds, political reporter Jonathan Salant recorded that Obama raised more than $650 million for his presidential campaign. Obama used this huge amount of cash to defeat Clinton and then swamp McCain in the last two months.

The advantage Obama gained by not keeping his word was startling. As Republican consultant Craig Shirley said, “Barack went into the knife fight with a machete and McCain went in with a pen knife.”

Bill O’Reilly pointed out that the far left MoveOn.org outfit raised an astounding $88 million for Obama. Of course, the organization expects payback for its huge contribution. Since Obama accepted lots of its money, watch out for him to reward MoveOn.org — and others — during his presidency.

The end justifies the means


At times during the campaign, Obama’s actions revealed an underlying lack of principles and a troublesome belief that the end justifies the means. In addition to breaking vows and shifting positions, Obama did not hesitate to deny relationships whenever convenient.

Obama glossed over his association with known terrorist Bill Ayers and his real estate dealings with Tony Rezko. When Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Obama’s pastor of 20 years — became a liability because of his continued anti-American preaching, Obama dumped him for political expediency.

Since he quickly disassociated from his friend Rev. Wright after drawing criticism, how much spine will Obama display when Ahmadinejad’s Iran makes threatening moves?

Which promises will Obama toss aside when further difficulties arise? Will it be his tax cuts for 95 percent of Americans? Will he abandon his promise to remove troops immediately from Iraq? Will Obama throw his promise of change in the trash? Who knows?

What to expect


With this month’s election, Democrats now control both chambers of Congress and the White House. They can essentially thrust their liberal agenda upon the nation, especially because Republicans are a severely weakened minority.

If Obama keeps his word, America’s future will include a greater redistribution of wealth and a growing entitlement culture. He will work to eliminate nuclear weapons, oppose privatizing a portion of Social Security and advocate a carbon-credit system to raise money and fight pollution.

Obama will push to nationalize health care, appoint Supreme Court justices who agree with his idea of a living Constitution and call for more open borders. Additionally, Democrats will continue to fight for the right to abort innocents, while — ironically — opposing the death penalty for the guilty.

In closing


Over two weeks ago, America voted for change. If Obama is true to his word, America will get it. However, do not be surprised if four years from now, Americans wish they never asked for it.

Michael Benevento is a former Air Force fighter jet weapon systems officer. He has a bachelor’s degree in Military History and a master’s in International Relations. Mike resides in Williston with his wife Kristine and their two sons, Matthew and Calvin.