Right to the Point (1/28/10)

A better change for America

Jan. 28, 2010

By Mike Benevento

You can sense it. We all know it. America’s political mood is once again changing. The recent election of Republican Scott Brown to take “Ted Kennedy’s seat” in the U.S. Senate confirmed the pendulum is swinging back to the right. Ordinary citizens have had enough of Congress and President Barack Obama’s agenda. They want change. So, let’s carry the momentum into November’s elections.

Americans are sick and tired of the past year’s massive spending spree. We want smaller, more efficient government — at all levels. We do not need an increasingly bloated bureaucracy taking more control of our lives along with the higher taxes it demands.

As Americans, we are frustrated with an unresponsive leadership and having our voice ignored. While Washington tells us to be satisfied with “only” 10 percent unemployment, families worry about paying bills. It is penny-pinching time for most. Meanwhile, a seemingly uncaring Congress increases our nation’s debt ceiling without batting an eye.

Americans are upset with the government’s overspending and its growing size. The voters want fiscal responsibility. People are fed up with expensive stimulus packages, bank bailouts, auto company takeovers and health care overhauls — while we little people pay the bills. You have heard it before and it is true: Wall Street benefits while Main Street suffers.

Washington’s status quo no longer works. It is time to replace incumbents who do not favor reducing taxes, limiting government and minimizing power. The same goes for the Vermont Legislature.

Last year, as Vermonters faced difficult financial times, Gov. Jim Douglas, Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie and legislative Republicans called for reduced state spending. The Democrat-controlled Legislature refused to cooperate.

Instead, Vermont Democrats ignored economic realities, overrode Gov. Douglas’ veto, and passed an unsustainable state budget. Using federal money as a crutch, they increased spending at a time when Vermonters were cutting back. The results were inevitable.

Vermont currently faces a $150 million deficit. Montpelier now has to make huge budget cuts across state government. This will have a corresponding negative effect on government services. Unsurprisingly, Vermonters are not pleased.

People are working hard. In fact, especially in Vermont, many of us toil at two jobs trying to make ends meet. We worry about having a decent and steady source of income to provide for our family. While we would sure love it, we are not looking to get rich. We simply want more time with our family and friends and more freedom to follow our own pursuits.

Americans simply want to raise their family, do their job and live their life — with minimal government interference, regulation and taxation. Government’s purpose is to support the American way of life — not control it. More and more, however, control is what it feels like Washington is striving for.

Constant government spending greatly infringes upon its citizens’ ability to choose. The more the government takes, the less flexibility people have to spend on what they need or desire. Eventually, left untouched, government will suck the life and spirit out of its workers in an apparently endless quest for power and wealth redistribution.

We demand responsiveness from our representatives. We do not need leaders who put special interests above ours. We especially don’t need those that mostly look out for themselves and turn a deaf ear toward their constituents.

In November, let’s elect politicians who listen to us, support traditional family values and prefer limited government. Let’s elect people who favor reducing taxes. Let’s elect conservatives.

There are many good conservatives looking to make a positive difference in local, state and federal government. They’ll need loyal and energetic supporters to assist their campaigns. Volunteers will be needed to write letters, hand out flyers, wave banners, install lawn signs, make phone calls, talk to others and help raise money.

It is time for conservatives to step up to the plate. While money is appreciated, donating your time and effort is most important. Become involved. Spread the word.

You can make a difference — especially at the local level. Don’t allow those that you disagree with to run the show. Take action!

If you want to get involved, here are three great places to start:

> The grassroots Tea Party movement calls for smaller government, less taxes and better representation. Vermont’s organization recently changed its name to the Green Mountain Patriots. For more information, check out www.greenmountainpatriots.com.

> The Vermont Republican Party (www.vtgop.org).

> The Williston Town GOP. Contact Bret Powell at 878-5347 for more information.

Together, conservatives can bring about a better change for America. Please join us.


Michael Benevento is a former Air Force fighter jet weapon systems officer. He has a bachelor’s degree in Military History and a master’s in International Relations. Mike resides in Williston with his wife Kristine and their two sons, Matthew and Calvin.