Right to the Point (12/23/09)


Dec. 23, 2009

By Mike Benevento

Published in 1949, George Orwell’s “1984” foretold of a dystopian world that could exist in 1984 if nations kept marching toward ever-increasing centralized government control. In the novel, an oppressive regime — led by Big Brother — asserts complete dominance over its citizens. Protagonist Winston Smith vainly attempts to break free of the totalitarian government’s control but the all-knowing state wins out in the end.

Orwell did not write the tale as a prediction of the future. For him, the world of 1984 could possibly exist if the evil of the 1940s — especially in the repressive Soviet Union — was allowed to grow unchecked.

Along the same line, let’s take a peak at the United States 50 years after 1984 to see what the future may hold for our country — if things keep progressing as they have been. Although a multitude of changes are coming, I’ll concentrate on only a few due to column constraints.

By 2034, increased spiritual awareness, hybrid automobiles, judicial activism, legalized marijuana, sky-high national debt, rising economic and military threats by China, expensive college education, open borders and overcrowded prisons will be commonplace and easily acceptable to the public.

It took until around 2020, but the tech-savvy American public finally awoke to the true dangers of radiation. Oh, Americans already knew about the harmful effects of nuclear and solar radiation. But it took longer to comprehend the impact of radiation from cell phones, wireless Internet communications and cordless phones. When the medical community finally proved beyond any doubt their connection to the massive increase in brain tumors, the public demanded new technologies that minimized their damage.

In 2034, the United States no longer treats terrorists as ordinary criminals. The kid gloves came off after nuclear weapons from Pakistan and Iran fell into the wrong hands. When major cities in the United States suffered nuclear and dirty bomb attacks, the federal government reversed the Obama administration’s strategy of assigning enemy combatants the same rights as ordinary American citizens.

Health care nationalization started in December 2009, when Democrats passed comprehensive health care reform. The nation’s health care system no longer is the envy of the world. Despite the bureaucrats’ best effort, socialized medicine continues to deteriorate under centralized command. As predicted, higher prices, waiting lists, long lines and rationing exist for many health services.

If that was not insulting enough, allegedly in an effort to stem health care costs, the federal government — just like Big Brother — mandates peoples’ actions. Consumption of meat, soda, fast food and junk food are highly discouraged by government’s sin taxes on these unhealthy food choices.

Note: Given America’s culture of death, not surprisingly the only “health care” services not in short supply are abortion and euthanasia. No waiting lists, no rationing, no restrictions whatsoever. (The government naturally gravitated toward those two tools as an excellent way to optimize the size of the population.)

By 2034, Medicare and Social Security expenditures have seriously drained the federal government’s coffers. Without any significant changes, the two will continue to grow dramatically until they bankrupt the country. As more people retire, the equation becomes even more out of balance. Privatization — even if only partially — is finally considered by Washington as one of the solutions.

By 2034, the United States and most all other nations are slouching toward a New World Order. Under this organization, government dominance of the economy is geared for economic equality for all — essentially a redistribution of wealth. Over the years, the United States has willingly sacrificed its sovereignty until it now retains little authority over even its own destiny. The One World Government oversees that.

Climate justice actions cause some of the largest drags on the United States economy during 2034. Americans spend almost 2 percent of their income to help reduce carbon emissions throughout the world. Surprisingly, Americans find themselves trapped by treaties signed 20 years earlier, when activists declared global warming was a manmade phenomenon.

Born out of that consensus, reparations and mitigation strategies have an enormous negative impact on the economy. The developing nations demanded reparations from the United States and other “rich” nations because they were “affected” by “manmade” warming.

Earth’s inhabitants eventually realized that the planet naturally warms and cools over time and the sun’s radiation has the greatest impact on temperature changes. Only then did Americans discover that one of the key goals of the global warming crowd is transferring wealth from rich nations to poor ones under the guise of fighting climate change.

Big Brother will be quite proud.


Michael Benevento is a former Air Force fighter jet weapon systems officer. He has a bachelor’s degree in Military History and a master’s in International Relations. Mike resides in Williston with his wife Kristine and their two sons, Matthew and Calvin.