Property Transfers (June 2020)

Jordan Hamilton bought a home at 196 White Birch Lane from David Beckett for $315,000.

Katherine Rooney bought a home at 203 Pleasant Acres Drive from Carol Weston for $362,000.

Leslie Hankins bought a condominium at 129 Honeysuckle Lane from William Mast for $395,000.

Philip Robillard bought a 2.1-property at 1056 Sunset Hill Road from the Alfred Trombino Revocable Trust for $575,000.

Jeanne Moore bought a home at 64 Savage Court from Danielle Walker for $345,000.

Shawn Evans bought a home at 32 Keystone Drive from Jeffrey Marvin for $390,000.

Park Avenue LLC bought an office building at 121-123 Park Avenue from Prom Real Estate LLC for $1.325 million.

Varun Subramanian bought a condominium at 67 Seth Circle from Nancy Heininger for $230,000.

Brian Spinney bought a condominium at 180 Timothy Way from the Peggy A. Miller Living Trust for $285,000.

Shiva Raj Rai bought a .54-acre lot at 138 Morgan Parkway from Donald Edwards for $360,000.

Northridge-Williston LLC bought 44 acres of open land north of Harte Circle from William Savage for $472,500.

John McCabe bought a mobile home at 401 Sugarbush Road from the Hallery T. Brunet Trust for $165,000.

Mathew Fraser bought a home at 144 Cherrywood Lane from Whitney Fellows for $750,000.