Police consider cameras to deter graffiti

Williston police are considering installing surveillance cameras at public parks after a surge in graffiti taggings throughout town. 

There has been a particular increase along the bike path behind Williston Central School and on the school campus. 

The cameras would provide a deterrent and a tool to identify perpetrators, said Police Chief Patrick Foley. But there are hurdles to having them installed, primarily cost and privacy concerns. 

“That’s one of the options we are going to look at, but we have to make sure, before we put them out, that we cover our bases,” Foley said. 

Graffiti has been spotted not only near the school, but also around Industrial Avenue, at a construction site near Blair Park Road and on a culvert underneath Route 2A. Removal or painting over the graffiti is labor intensive, Foley said. 

“It’s starting to mushroom and we are trying to get a grasp on it,” he said. 

Anyone with information about the situation or who sees suspicious activity is asked to call the police department at 878-6611 and ask for Officer Logan Young. 

— Jason Starr