By Sabina Sedic-Lawton

Grade 2

So Precious

Ringing bells

I love Spring

No cold, just warm



Emerson Campbell

Grade 2

Here comes summer

Here comes summer

Warm weather

Summer clothes

Here comes summer

Here comes summer

Whoosh! Shiver

There it goes!


By Abriel Smith

Grade 1




They boss me around

I play with them

I dance with them

I am the youngest

What would it be like to be the oldest?

What parents need to know about school

By Vincent Meyer

Grade 4

School can be tough,

School can be boring,

But it can also be fun,

A lot of work is hard,

Yes we understand,

However hard doesn’t mean dull,

Why can’t it be fun,

There are no boundaries at school,

Go above and beyond,

Jump beyond the line of impossible,

Make the impossible only possible,

And that’s what we do at school

A poem about the state of Vermont

By Vincent Meyer

Grade 4

Home Sweet Home

The green mountains we roam,

Through the cold, brisk winter,

But also a warm, green summer,

However we are Vermonters,

We are nature’s family,

We’re aren’t afraid of the cold,

We aren’t afraid of the darkness,

Because we are Vermonters,

No doubt we have the best maple syrup,

Fresh from the Sap house,

By old grandpa’s home,

Now a tradition,

Passed through traditions of wild Green Mountain boys,

Vermont is home sweet home

My favorite food

By Jonathan Deyo

Grade 4


you taste good in dips.

You get salt on my finger tips.

You taste good to my lips.

You also taste good in guacamole

A poem about anything

By Adam Curtis

Grade 3

My dad is happy

My Mom is happy

When they are happy

I am happy.