PHOTOS: CVU Art Showcase

Sierra Saia
‘Haitian Curiosity’ by Sierra Saia

Rustic Wagon by Nicole Bouffard
‘Rustic Wagon’ by Nicole Bouffard
'Graffiti' by Jonathan Ring
‘Graffiti’ by Jonathan Ring
Becca DeCamp
‘Boxes’ by Becca DeCamp, conte on paper.
Koko Vercessi-Clarke
An acrylic painting by Koko Vercessi-Clarke.
Sara Erickson
‘Gloves’ a digital photograph by Sara Erickson.
Jarett Legg
A work by Jarett Legg using colored pencils and permanent marker.
Parker Francis
‘Vine’ a scanned film negative by Parker Francis.
Green Mountain Ponderings by Gabriella Ribeiro
‘Green Mountain Ponderings’ by Gabriella Ribiero.
metallic cup
A scanned film negative by Emily Pierson.
'Rickshaw Reflection' by Joshua Klein.
‘Rickshaw Reflection’ by Joshua Klein.
'Flowers' a digital photograph by Jackie Casson.
‘Flowers’ a digital photograph by Jackie Casson.
Falls by Zachary Akey
‘Falls’ by Zachary Akey.
Natalie Casson
‘Self Portrait’by Natalie Casson.
Emily Dykes
‘Ode to the Scream’ by Emily Dykes.
Brigitte Durieux
‘Leaders for Life’ by Brigitte Durieux.
Quinten Oxender
A work in permanent market by Quinten Oxender.
Nick Mogielnicki
An acrylic painting by Nick Mogielnicki.
Ethan Reid
‘The warped Mind of Ethan Reid’ by Ethan Reid.