PAST TIMES: Questions to ponder for the future of the historical society

By Brenda Perkins

Williston Historical Society president

Past times are important and fun to remember. They give a glimpse into the town of Williston as it grew and changed through the years. 

Stories about the everyday lives of Willistonians are great fun to read, and we are so pleased to partner with the Observer in bringing those stories to you. An invitation stands to anyone who has tales to share to email them to the Williston Historical Society at for possible inclusion in the Past Times column. 

The Williston Historical Society was established in 1974. The founding members stated that the society was created “for the purpose of promoting, producing, interpreting and preserving historical and educational materials, particularly as relating to the town of Williston. …” 

The Williston Historical Society has gone through many ups and downs over the past 45 years. Before Covid struck, we were holding very interesting, well-attended programs every other month. Our hope is that, before much longer, we can return to engaging the community’s participation in the historical society’s offerings. 

Looking to the future is also part of preserving the past. What can we do to continue to serve those who call, and have called, Williston home? 

I recently attended the League of Local Historical Societies & Museums conference at the Vermont Historical Society in Montpelier. There were interesting and informative workshops as well as time to network with folks from other local historical societies. 

Waterbury Historical Society’s recent survey of their town especially interested me. I would like to ask readers the same questions with the hope that some of you might send us your thoughts via the email above. It could make for some very interesting discussions or programs. 

List a brief history of a significant happening in the past 20 years in Williston; What part did you play in it?; How will this happening hold a place in Williston history?

If there are children in your household, a question for them: In the future, how would you like people to remember this time?

What do you look forward to in the future?

To become a member of the Williston Historical Society, please send an email to with your preferred contact information. You may also write us at Williston Historical Society, P.O. Box 995, Williston, VT 05495. 

We are always looking for folks who would like to be more active members by volunteering for events or projects, so please indicate such on your membership email/letter.

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