Parking ban cometh, says town

By Bruce K. Hoar

               Special to the Observer

Winter is fast approaching, and by some standards, has already arrived. We all knew that the warm weather would give way to the winter chill at some point.  Public Works would like to remind all of our residents about the winter parking ban ordinance. It runs from Dec. 1 to April 1, from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.  Also please be aware that there is a State Statute (23 VSA 1102) that states that any vehicle left in the public right of way (ROW) that interferes with snowplowing operations may be towed without warning.

It is also against both Town Ordinance and State Statute to move plowed snow from private property on or across public roads and highways. Depositing snow on a town road makes the job of plowing that much more difficult and is actually a hazard, not only to the traveling public, but to our crews and equipment as well.

Please be aware of the above so that when we are needed to clear the roads, your town plow operators can do the best and most efficient job possible. Also, please remove all other obstacles from the ROW.  These items may consist of — but are not limited to — basketball nets, skate board ramps, etc.  These items should not be in the ROW at any time, but certainly not during winter operations.

Once again we would like to share the following tip with you: to help keep your driveways open, clear an area on the upstream side, the side the traffic approaches closest to your drive, and the area in front of your driveway. This gives the plow a clear area for the snow to unload before it gets to your driveway.  Also, for your own protection as well as the traveling public’s, avoid piling snow on either side of your driveway where it intersects with the travelled way.

By following the rules and trying the tips above, hopefully we can all have an uneventful winter plowing season.  Thank you all for you cooperation.

Bruce K. Hoar is the Public Works Director in Williston.